Volunteer Responsibilities

We hope everyone is looking forward to another HyCrest Swim & Dive Team season! This letter contains important changes in the way the volunteer schedules are being implemented this year in an effort to help the season run smoother. Please read this information carefully.

Why do we have our kids participate in Swim/Dive team? The answer to this question may be different for each team member, but everyone agrees participating on the Hy-Crest Swim and Dive team provides a great opportunity for our kids to feel good about being a part of a team, to be proud of their own personal success in the pool, and to have fun with their friends over the summer!

As we realize the benefits the Swim & Dive team offers our children, we need to remember that volunteers run the Swim/Dive meets. Every parent has a part to play in helping operate the Swim/Dive meets for each event to be a success. We thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and support when giving your volunteer time!

Swim/Dive Team Volunteers - 2021 Swim Season Guidelines

  • Volunteer Requirements - Every Swim Family is responsible for at least 15 regular season Volunteer hours. Dive-Only Families are responsible for at least 3-Regular Season Volunteer meet requirements.
  • Volunteer sign-ups are going to be available online on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Volunteer Fee – A volunteer check for $225.00 is due at registration time. Your undeposited check will be returned at the awards ceremony if all Volunteer requirements are met. Volunteer Checks are non-refundable if a) the minimum Volunteer requirements are not completed, or b) you fail to cover your Volunteer commitment in the event you cannot work a shift you have signed up for.
  • Volunteer Responsibility - Volunteer Schedules will be available to all families on the Team Unify site for every meet. Every volunteer is responsible to know the dates of their scheduled shifts, and to cover their own shift if they cannot keep the commitment.