Meet Job Requirement

Each family is required to work a minimum of 2 meets (6 hours total) in addition to Championships.  Depending on our number of families, this number may have to be adjusted. The more families we have the less meets that will be required per family.  Swimming is very much a family participation sport, and the best view of the action is at poolside officiating or starting, or at the starting blocks as a timer. 

For HOME meets we need about 26 volunteers:  4 set up, 1 announcer, 1 starter, 2 officials,  6 timers, 1 back up timer, 3-4 awards table, 1 runner for lane slips, 2 behind the block parents, 4 break down. 

For AWAY meets we need to supply 6 timers, 2 officials and 2 behind the blocks.

 If you want to split your shift with another family that's up to you, but one family per meet per job will be given credit.  Please be sure to sign-in at the awards table as you report for your job.

The intrasquad meet does not count toward meets worked as it is for training & fun!