The announcer for a meet is supplied with a loudspeaker and an order of events. Announcing for each meet must be loud enough to be understood by participants, officials and spectators.

Example of correct commands:

First call, event number and event description (i.e. "Event number 1, 6 & under girls free relay. Please report to the blocks")

After a short interval repeat the above for the second call. At the end of second call, wait a short interval and give final call for the event.

The announcer should follow this procedure for all remaining events.

Try to stay at least 3 events ahead of the event in the water.

At all times the announcer should know what is going on. The event number, number of heats per event etc. so the calls can be made without haste. This keeps the meet running smoothly. At all times the next event should be on the deck. Working closely and communicating with the deck manager is vitally important in this position. The announcer should avoid talking while the starter is giving commands the swimmers.