Instructions for Timing Table/Awards:  2 volunteers needed

1. Accept the timers sheets from the "runner": These will be from each lane of the pool . (recommend to keep them all in event order for easier data input into the computer at a later time)

2. Review the form(s) to ensure there are times recorded for each swimmer in the event.

3. Calculate the average of the times recorded for each swimmer and document the official time on the form.

4. If the laptop with the Meet Manager software is present along with a printer- record the swimmers official time into the computer. Print off and attach ribbon labels. Keep each teams ribbons separated. Once complete- print off the meet results and give each coach their ribbons. 

 If a laptop is not present- keep the forms organized. The coach or a designated person will record the results at a later time and do the ribbons and take the awards to each of the teams facility for the head coach to pick up. 

5. At the end of the meet, give all the forms with the official times to the head coach of our team.