The starter will be positioned at the podium to the side of the starting blocks.
1. The starter will be provided a heat sheet showing events, heats & swimmers for each lane

2. Consults event sheet to confirm that all swimmers are present and in correct lanes. 

3. Notify swimmers of the following: 

a. Event number 

b. Distance (with pool length clarification; e.g. 1 length) 

c. Event name 

d. Stroke(s) to be used and order, (if applicable) 

e. Relay swimmers are to leave the pool immediately after swimming their leg. 

4. Directs swimmers to, "Take your mark!" and gives sufficient time for swimmers to come to starting position with at least one foot at the front edge of the platform (swimmers must respond at once). Backstroke swimmers may be directed to, "Place your feet!" and must have both hands on the gutter or starting grips. Standing in or on the gutter, placing the toes above the lip of the gutter, or bending the toes over the lip of the gutter before or after the start is prohibited. At this point it is too late for a swimmer to show for heat or changes to be made in relay teams. 

5. Gives starting signal (horn and light) when all swimmers are motionless 

6. Gives false start signal (multiple horn blasts) if false start is committed & directs swimmers to, "Stand up!". 

7. Calls false start(s) by lane number(s) 

8. Disqualifies any swimmer with two false starts and consults Head Official

9. Changes order of events or heats (using discretion) to rest swimmers involved in false starts 

10.  Starter has discretion to combine heats if practical.