Swim Skills

Some of the MWW Coaches offer individual lessons, and our highest priority is swimmer safety.  So, here is a list of skills and suggested learning progression that has worked well for us.  This can also aid parents in teaching their own children.

Swimming Skills Children Should Learn in Progressive, Step-by-Step Order: 

1. Tadpole Skills 
- Monkey Crawl along wall
- Climb out of the pool 
- Face in water & hold breath
- Float on front & back with support 
- Kick feet on front with instructor support 
- Assisted jump in water from sitting position, turn grab wall

2. Starfish Skills 
- Front float & kick
- Float on back
- Kick on back with support
- Roll front to back with assistance 
- Jump into water (or instructor drop) from standing, turn grab wall 

3. Goldfish Skills
- Kick on back 
- Roll from front to back 
- Independent Jump in & swim back to wall 
- Kick on front & roll to back with assistance 
- Kick on front with paddle arms (face under) 
- Swim, Float, Swim (kick only) or pop up breath 

4. Jellyfish Skills
- Swim, Float, Swim (kick & paddle) and/or pop up breath 
- Kick on back with arm paddling 
- Basic treading water 
- Jump into deep water, kick on back to wall 
- Big arms (freestyle) on front 
- Skull on back 
- Float on back, roll over & find nearest wall 

5. Seahorse Skills 
- Tread water 
- Swim on front, turn and kick on back 
- Freestyle stroke 
- Side breathing with assistance 
- Elementary backstroke 
- Swim Backstroke 
- Breaststroke arms 

6. Dolphin Skills 
- Breaststroke legs 
- Swim Freestyle with side breathing 
- Tread water 20 seconds 
- Forward somersault 
- Swim Breaststroke 
- Backstroke 
- Dolphin Kick 

7. Seal Skills
- Head first surface dive in deep end
- Flip turn
- Butterfly
- Refine swim strokes