Parent Meeting Info

Wildwood Parent Meeting

  1.  Meets – Signing out, overview, meet events, order of events,

    1. Coaches will assumed your swimmer will be here unless signed out.

    2. Not signing out and not showing up may jeopardize your swimmer’s future entries.

    3. A swim meet has events and heats.  At dual meets, we have three lanes (odd at home meets, even at away) for out swimmers.  The event is by gender, age, stroke & distance.  There may be up to two heats of each event.  The first is what we call the exhibition heat.  This is for time purposes only and will not score points for the team, regardless of time.  The second heat is the competition heat.  This heat can score points for the team.

    4. Order of events for BCSL is set and consistent.  List on Website.

    5. Swimmers may swim a total of 5 events as space is available.

    6. Meets start with 200 Fr for 15 and over, then whatever relay is being swum.  Usually Free at beginning of season, Medley nearer end. 

    7. Next will start 6U Free, and on from there.

    8. When you arrive at the meet, find a coach. One of the coaches will have your event assignments.  This will list event, distance & stroke.  If there is an X, that indicates exhibition (or first) heat.  NT mean "no time".

    9. There is an announcer for the meet.  They will announce 1st 2nd & 3rd call for events.  At first call, your swimmer needs to get their cap & goggles and head for the blocks.  For 6U & 8U, there will be a behind the blocks parent to help them get into the right place.  IT IS THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILTY TO ASSURE YOUR SWIMMER IS BEHIND THE BLOCKS AT THE CORRECT TIME.

    10. Once behind the blocks, the timer will confirm your swimmer’s name.  We’ll go over this part at the intersquad meet.

    11. Dual meets have no entry fees.  BCSL Championships have entry fees that are covered in your team fees.

    12. All exhibition swimmers at dual meets get a participation ribbon.  For the competition heat, for individual events the top three places get points & ribbons, for relay, the first place team gets points & ribbons

    13. The swimmers with the top three times will generally (but not always) be placed in the competition heats.  The coach will work with the assistant coaches to place exhibition heats.  It is important that your swimmer have a team attitude and be willing to swim what they’re asked when they are asked.

    14. No swimmers are DQ’d until after July 1.

  2. Meet Volunteers

    1. Swimming is a parent participation sport

    2. Each family is expected to volunteer for a minimum of 2 meets (6 hours total for the whole season).  Job descriptions and sign-ups are on the team website.  We will have on-the-job training at the intrasquad meet. There is a fee that will be charged (10 per hour missed) if families do not meet this requirement.

    3. If you do not sign up for jobs, you will be assigned as we have meets with empty spaces.  Please be prepared to volunteer as needed and when asked if you have not already committed to 2 meets through the job site. 

  3. Championships

    1. The meet consists of a full day meet for preliminary individual events, 11 & Overs swim in the morning of Wednesday, 7/25, the 10 & Unders swim in the afternoon of Wednesday 7/25.  The top 12 times in each event and all relays swim Thursday evening 7/26.  In case of a rainout, the events shift to Friday 7/26.  All swimmers qualify for the first day of championships.

    2. Oxford will be hosting the meet at their pool

  4. Team Spirit Wear

    1. Wildwood Golf Club pro shop plans to have team apparel for purchase  

    2. First cap is included in registration fee, additional available for $5

  5. Other positions for Team Fun & Support

    1. Team parent(s) (see the wanted add posted on the home page)

    2. Swim-a-thon:  12+ lane counters will be needed