The Belmont Shark's By-Laws are available upon request.  Below are a few policies that we would like to highlight.

Swimmer Eligibility

Belmont Sharks is a community swim team of Belmont Country Club.  Only Belmont Country Club residents and members are eligible to join the team.  A successful evaluation for all new swimmers is also required.

Inappropriate Conduct of Swimmers

We want to remind parents that in accordance with Virginia law and the Belmont Shark Bylaws, the Sharks have zero tolerance for swimmers to be found doing any illegal or inappropriate activity during any Shark sponsored event.  This includes practices, swim meets, spirit nights or other Shark parties or activities.  See Shark Bylaw below: Termination 
Membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the Board should a member fail to abide by the rules of conduct or engage in behavior determined by the Board in its sole discretion to be materially at odds with the objectives of BSST.

Covid Procedures

  • Vaccinated volunteers, swimmers, and guests may chose to not wear a mask as long as there is a respectful distance between people. 
  • We are asking for NO crowding on the pool deck or along the sides of the pool.  Please maintain a respectful distance.
  • If your swimmer has any Covid-19 symptoms, exposure or potential exposure, we ask you keep your swimmer home and follow the public health and CDC guidance to ensure they are healthy before returning to the Sharks.
  • If your swimmer develops Covid-19 and has been at a Shark event 2 days prior to symptoms or positive test result, please inform the Sharks immediately so proper contract tracing procedures can be followed. Personal privacy will be respected.

Social Media

Similiar to USA Swim policy, swimmers under the age of 18 are not permitted to follow and/or to be followed by head Coach Luke on any social media accounts.  This includes but is not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  

Backstroke Starts

New in 2019, ODSL voted to eliminate ankle starts for backstroke events.  All swimmers will only be permitted to use the side of the pool on backstroke starts.

Inclement Weather

The best advice is to always check email, Facebook, Twitter and the Shark website to see if practice is cancelled due to weather.  If you don't hear from us, assume practice is on.  

Reasons why practices may be cancelled:

  • Thunder: If we hear thunder, we will wait 30 minutes before allowing swimmers back in the water.  We follow Belmont lifeguard policies.
  • Lightening: If we see lightening, we will wait 60 minutes before allowing swimmers back in the water.  All swimmers and coaches must leave the pool deck.  We follow Belmont lifeguard policies.
  • Rain: We do not cancel for rain unless it is so hard that we can not see the bottom of the pool.  Swimmers love swimming in the rain!
  • Cold Air Temperatures: If the air temperature is extremely low, we may cancel practice, limit swimmers' time in the water or hold dry land practice only.