The Pirate's Code

Participating on a swim team is a sport – and yes, there is competition involved.  MESA has champion, record-setting swimmers.  We also have swimmers at every age level who have never been on a swim team before, and we have a wide variety of skills and abilities. Every swimmer will have new things to learn and new goals to achieve. Sportsmanship & Respect are core to who we are, and here’s our code:

  1. Don't impose your ambitions on your swimmer
  2. Be supportive and encouraging -- no matter what
  3. Say only positive things at swim meets
  4. Don't coach your child, let the COACH do that
  5. Have respect for your child's coach and their experience
  6. Don't talk about the "big meet" or results or place
  7. Respect officials, timers, stroke judges, and all volunteers
  8. Have set goals before each meet… besides winning
  9. Congratulate your child for simply swimming!
  10. Don't take this too seriously (It’s summer and it’s FUN!).