Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules

  • The tennis courts are the property of the HHRC and are reserved for the use of club members and their guests. Guests must be accompanied on the courts by the responsible HHRC member.
  • The tennis courts are for tennis only—No bikes, roller skates/blades, skate boards, etc. are allowed on the courts. Those not playing tennis are expected to remain outside the gates.
  • Closing time for the tennis courts is 10:30 p.m. If the court lights are used, they must be turned off at the end of night play. (See Tennis Court Lights Instruction on the bulletin board.)
  • After using the courts, members must lock the gate unless another member is playing and will assume responsibility for locking the gate. The courts must remain locked when not in use.
  • Good tennis etiquette demands that all players respect the rights of others to enjoy the game, and not interfere with that enjoyment through unsportsmanlike conduct, excessive/loud noise or in any other way.
  • All players must wear tennis shoes on the court that will not mark or damage the court surface. Dark soled athletic shoes, flip-flops, or aqua-socks are not allowed on the tennis courts.