Coaching/Volunteer Staff

2018 Volunteer Coaches

Swimmers over the age of 14 who are interested in volunteer coaching in 2018 during the early practice at HH should complete the three questions below and indicate when they would like to interview. Please email your responses to Caleb Bollenbacher ( before Friday May 18 or before your interview. Short interviews will be conducted from 4:30-5 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or from 7-7:30 pm on Monday and Wednesday for the first two weeks of practice if needed.

Please email your responses to these questions along with your optimal interview times:

1) Why do you want to be a volunteer coach for H3AC?

2) What strengths do you bring to the H3AC swim team?

3) Being a volunteer coach involves being a good example for younger swimmers. Give an example of how you could provide a good example as a swimmer and volunteer coach?

4) Are you planning any trips this summer that will interfere with practices, meets, the psychup party, and awards banquet during our swim season? If so, please state when you might not be available (check out the swim team calendar if you are not sure of when the meets or social events are).

This part is still under construction:

2018 Summer Coaching Staff:

Julie Neal (H3AC and HH Head Coach), Olivia Dwyer (H3AC and HH Assistant Head Coach), Caleb Bollenbacher (HH)

Shreyas Pyati (HAC Head Coach)


H3AC 2018 Parent Representatives

Tiki Gwynne (HH and HAC)

Jenny Jones (HH)

Billy Kim (HAC)