16 July 2018

H3AC is hosting CHAMPS 2019. If you are attending Champs 2018 this year, please let Tiki know what impressed you (or didn't and what you wish was there) next week sometime.  THIS MEANS WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS to step up before and during the season next year so we can also take care of Champs.  If there is something in particular you would like to help with please see Tiki.  

Several years ago, we had different parents doing these things... computer swimmer setup, in charge of volunteers for dual meets (set up and coordination), champs sales stuff (the tshirt sales, the ads for the heat sheet brochure), swim team spiritwear (caps, shirts), coordinating social events (meet the coaches, psychup, awards banquet), collecting/coordinating thank you gifts for coaches at the end of the year, coordinating the swim team photo at the banquet, ordering or facilitating the order of end-of-year awards, writing a regular newsletter with results and upcoming events, etc.  Please note that these are all separate volunteer responsibilities from what we require at each Dual Swim Meet. 


14 July 2018 --

WE have a final POP-UP CLINIC at HH on Sunday. See the Calendar and Practice Times for specifics. 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS If we are to have a psych up party on Wed (go to the accept/decline volunteer item under swim team tab).  IT IS FOR ALL SWIMMERS (even those not participating in Champs this weekend). 

9 July 2018

The CHSSL Champs item on the swim team dropdown list has the arrival/warmup dates/times for the different ages for Champs. There is a parking map and location of our team on the pool deck. H3AC is responsible for bringing 6 cases of water and we will know after our BC meet on Wed if we need more donations. THANK you to all the families who have contributed to this over the summer season!  


6 July 2018

Hi Hurricanes! 

We have ONLY three weeks left. We need help if you are in town at the last couple events. I apologize that we have not been more communicative over the summer... (we ARE looking for someone for next summer to be in charge of a weekly newsletter).  

Please make sure to accept or decline your swimmer at CHAMPS asap (if you have not swum in two dual meets please see a coach if you may still want to participate in Champs - the league make any exception decisions). Those swimmer entries are due soon to the league (there are eight teams)!  NOTE THAT CURRENTLY, if you have not gone to commit/decline your swimmer, it has 2017's information. We need you to update that... go to edit commitment and either agree or decline for 2018 PLEASE!

We have one final meet against Briar Chapel on Wed July 11 at home -- please make sure your swimmer is committed or not and that you have signed up for a volunteer job.  WE STILL NEED TIMERS. 

The following Wednesday is our PsychUp Party.... we have a signup list on the website as we provide a pasta dinner for our swimmers (and families). We will also have various activities and need a lot of help donating items and helping manage the activities.  PLEASE SIGN UP.   The PsychUp party is for everyone on the team (NOT just those attending CHAMPS).  Those of you who did not get a chance to buy/tie-dye your team shirt will have an opportunity to do so on Wed night. 

More info will be sent to those who commit to attend Champs once we receive it from the league. If you are planning to attend a session of champs and are interested in volunteering (in a job you have already done during dual meets), please see Tiki, email her at or text her at 919-451-0509.   

Sunday, July 22 is our awards banquet that we hope all will attend (even if you didn't attend Champs).  Families will be asked to bring an appetizer, a main course, or a dessert to share with about 20.  We hope to have a slide show, team photo (individual if you want), and awards presentations by the coaches.  Hopefully I can get the menu requests posted on the website soon...  

See you poolside... 

28 May 2018

Hello Homestead Parents, 

The summer swim season starts tomorrow!  
Practices are as follows. 
6-7PM 10 and under
7-8PM 11 and older
Homestead Head Coach - Shreyas Pyati 
Homestead Assistant Coach - Eric Gao
Homestead Assistant Coach - Amanda Jones
Informational Meeting
In addition to our first day of practice tomorrow, the coaches will be holding an informational meeting at 7 pm about the season, including important dates, meet registration, and other key points. The meeting will be in the conference room at Homestead Aquatic Center and will be very helpful for everyone, including parents who are returning to the team! If you can attend, that would be brilliant. This is for ALL H3AC Homestead parents.
Mock Meet
Our Mock Meet is this Wednesday 5/30 at HERITAGE HILLS (621 Yorktown Dr. Chapel Hill, NC 27516),-79.092904,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x43fef7ce9f008ef9?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjj9rzh3KjbAhUBwlkKHdKYD48Q_BIIgAEwDQ and serves 2 purposes.  1) familiarize your swimmer with a summer swim meet format and 2) familiarize the parents with volunteer jobs.  
Suit Fitting
If you want a team suit, there will be a suit fitting at Homestead 4:30 - 6:30PM in the conference room on THURS May 31.  
We need everyone to volunteer as much as possible for each meet.  Home meets in particular require many volunteers.  Please sign up on Team Unify.  We need more volunteers for the mock meet.  You can also sign up ahead of time for other meets.
Meet Central
Our meets use a iPhone/Android App called Meet Central.  TIMERS will need to do the following BEFORE volunteering.  PLEASE do this at home and not at the meet.  The cellular service at Heritage Hills is very poor and people have had difficulty downloading updates and/or the app on deck. 
  1. Ensure your device is compatible with Meet Central.
  2. Make sure to update your iOS device to the most recent iOS 11.3.1 or ANDROID
  3. Make sure to download or update your Meet Central app to the most recent version. 5.0.3
  4. Watch the training video on the Meet Central Training website.
  5. There will be a live on-line training session for Timers, Starters, Stroke and Turn, and Scorekeepers to help you familiarize yourself with the system. May 30th - 31st and June 3rd - 4th Feel free to register
Calling for Homestead Parent Reps
Lastly, I will be retiring at the end of this season as Homestead Parent Rep.  We need strong parent support to make the summer swim season a success.  If no one steps up for next year, I worry that Homestead will be removed from H3AC.  Think how sad your child will be!  Please see me if you are interested in finding out more.  It is a reasonable amount of work but it is a lot of fun!
Thank you, 
Billy Kim 

Hi HH and WF Hurricanes!

HAC starts their practices tomorrow night. Our mock meet is Wed night. We also have a swim suit fitting/sale at HH that night (wed starting at 4:30 -- please make sure that your child lets their chaperone know if they are trying on suits). There will be tie-dying of shirts beginning at 4 if you did not get a chance before now to do so!

If you have not accepted/declined your swimmer's attendance, please do so now.

Please also sign up to volunteer in one of the empty slots. We would love for this practice meet to run as smoothly as possible, but we cannot begin until we have our volunteer positions filled.  

Warmups will begin at 4:30 Wed and the meet hopefully will begin at 5. It will not be a full meet (probably only through backstroke) so hopefully we can rush through it! 

Thanks for your attention!

Tiki (and Jenny)


21 May 2018 email

Hi H3AC Hurricanes!

As of 4 pm -- TONIGHT we are still planning to have our MEET THE COACHES at 5 pm at Heritage Hills.  

If the management of the pool must close the pool in its entirety this evening, we will have our Meet the Coaches tomorrow night at 5 at Heritage Hills.  If that happens, I will send another email, but for now, please plan to come Meet the Coaches, learn/practice cheers, paint the wall (if we can), learn about volunteering, tiedye your team shirt (if you ordered one this season, didn't get one and want to buy one ($10), or have it from last year and need to dye it), and get together with friends you only get to see over the summer!  

If you happen to have a case of water you can donate tonight (bring to clubhouse), we would greatly appreciate it so we have it for our mock meet next week and for our other home meets and events.  


17 May 2018 

Forgot to ask swim team family members to PLEASE contribute at lease one case of water so we can keep our own and our guests hydrated during our home meets and swim team events. We have over 100 swimmers registered... hopefully we won't have to purchase any. Please leave it in the HH clubhouse and write your (swimmer's) last name in sharpie on the case!  THANK YOU!

16 May 2018

Hi Hurricanes!


Our summer swim season is almost upon us!  Here are some important reminders and general information.


Meet Schedule -- Tell us if your swimmer(s) will be there!

Our dual meet schedule is listed on our website under calendars and under accept/decline and volunteer.  PLEASE ACCEPT/DECLINE your swimmer’s (or multiple swimmers’) attendance AT EACH MEET, AT CHAMPS, and AT THE AWARDS BANQUET.  We have established a new policy this year; if your swimmer has not accepted to attend a meet (committed on the website), they WILL NOT be on a RELAY. Relay line-ups will be determined when entries are due for each meet usually 2-3 days before each meet -- SO MAKE SURE to ACCEPT/DECLINE for EACH meet.



Most importantly, our meet-the-coaches is scheduled for MONDAY, May 21 at 5 pm at Heritage Hills and we hope you will all join us. For those who are new or have ordered new shirts, there will be tie-dying of those shirts! We will also learn chants, paint our names on the wall, and… well… meet the coaches! The parents will learn about dual meets and what all goes into those!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Already? YES!  Do you have any leftover colored paint? We need several BRIGHT different colors for our swimmers to paint their names on our back wall.  If you have some you can donate, please let us know by emailing Tiki or just bring the paint!

If you can still around and help with this event, we would appreciate it!




Practices begin at HH (Heritage Hills) on Tuesday, May 22 and at HAC (Homestead) on Tuesday, May 29. Our first mock meet is scheduled for Wednesday, May 30. Please note the swim suit fitting dates (one at HH 5/30 and one at HAC 5/31) on the swim team tab. Morning practices will begin June 13 at HH.  


Stroke and Turn Judging - WANNA?

If you are interested in being a stroke and turn judge -- YOU MUST ATTEND ONE of the two trainings listed on the calendar (May 20 at TCST or May 22 at HAC). Please let a parent rep know.



The sign up for volunteer jobs has its own tab AND is also listed with the calendar and practices. Click on each meet to accept/decline your swimmers AND to sign up to volunteer. If you are not sure about the positions or what you might want to do, please sign up for a job at our mock meet on May 30 to see if you would do it again. Furthermore, be sure to attend our meet-the-coaches event where we will have a brief orientation for parents and an explanation of what we need from parent volunteers to run a meet successfully (and efficiently!). Hydroxphere has Meet Central Online Trainings available May 20 - 21 for timer, judge, starter and scorer positions.


Volunteer coaching

If your older swimmers (14+) may want to be a volunteer coach this summer – please have them check out the coaches/volunteer coaches part of the swim team tab and follow the instructions listed.


We hope you all had a great summer and are excited your swimmers will be with us for swim team!


As always, please let us know if we can make anything a little easier.


Sunday 5/20 2-4PM - FIrst Stroke and Turn Judging Clinic - Tennis Club (location here)

Monday 5/21 5PM - Meet the Coaches - Heritage Hills

Tuesday 5/22 - Practice starts for Heritage Hills swimmers

Tuesday 5/22 6-8PM Second Stroke and Turn Judging Clinic - Homestead

Tuesday 5/29 - Practice starts for Homestead swimmers

Wednesday 5/30 4:30 - 6:30PM - Suit fitting at Heritage Hills

Wednesday 5/30 4 pm -- MOCK MEET at Heritage Hills

Thursday 5/31 4:30 - 6:30PM - Suit fitting at Homestead