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What are the jobs?

Can I pay somebody to do my job?

How do I sign up for jobs?


What are the jobs?

Below is a brief description of what each job involves. Please note this is not a comprehensive description, just an overview. If you have questions about any of the jobs, please contact the Meet Director.

Announcer.  Announces meet information, such as events, heat, and results, through the P/A system.

Bathroom & Trash Duty. Crossings Challenge. Keeps bathrooms clean and supplied with toilet paper and towels. All trash cans are to be emptied around the pool, kitchen and bathroom. This position will help carry bags to the dumpsters throughout the meet.

BBQ Operator. Sets up, operates, cleans and takes down the grill. Grills hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken etc. during home meets. Also must clean the grill and remove the grease before putting away.

Booster Helper. Assists in running booster events, as specified by the booster chairperson.

Clerk of the Course. Crossings Challenge. Training will be held. Organizes swimmers, seating by heats and lane in preparation for their event.

Clerk of the Course Assistant. Crossings Challenge. Assists the Clerk of the Course.

DATA TEAM. This is a special work crew that exclusively runs the computer systems during home meets for WCST. Additionally, key contacts work with other teams to build meet entries, enters all swimmers & times from the Colorado system home meets, runs reports and posts results, manages WCST's record history. Positions include Head Desk, Desk Assistant and Head Timer (Scoreboard).

Desk Assistant. Part of the Data Team. Assists the Head Desk with the computer system during home meets. Runs reports for awards and posts results.

Floater. Assist Meet Director as needed. Will be asked to assist in any job capacity, except ones requiring training and experience.

Fundraising Helper. Assists in fundraising events, as specified by the fundraising chairperson.

Head Clerk of Course. Requires prior knowledge of Clerk of the Course. Crossings Challenge. Oversees the Clerk of the Course, provides training for clerk of course and assistants.

Head Desk. Part of the Data Team. Requires prior knowledge of the data entry system.  Oversees the efficient operation of the desk, filling in when needed to eliminate bottlenecks and solve problems. Lead member(s) of the Data Team.

Head Referee. Must have attended the Officials’ clinic. Works in tandem with Starter and Data Team. Handles all disqualifications (DQs). Calls the swimmers to the starting blocks via a whistle. Calls any false starts. This position is part of the Officials Team.

Head Timer (Scoreboard). Part of the Data Team. Checks the timing system with the help of the Head Desk, Starter and Referee before the start of the meet. Runs the Colorado timing system and runs the scoreboard function of the Desk during home meets. 

Hospitality Worker. Crossings Challenge. Delivers refreshments and food to those working the meet: timers, data entry, officials, etc.

Kitchen Assistant. Under direction the Kitchen Manager, works in the kitchen during home meets. Prepares and sells food. This includes cleanup of the kitchen at the end of the meet. 

Kitchen Concessions (Candy/Pizza Sales). Under direction of the Kitchen Manager, sells candy and pizza in front of Stingray Cafe during home meets.

Kitchen Manager/Lead. All home meets and Crossings Challenge. Prepares menu, shopping list for Purchaser, takes inventory and organizes kitchen including staff. Delegates tasks to others and assists in food preparation, serving and money collection.

Marshal. Organizes into heats, lanes, and relay teams for the 6 & under and 7­-8 swimmers, directs and maintains order and lines them up behind the starting blocks prior to the race. Note, Parents are responsible for getting children to the marshaling area prior to the event.

OFFICIALS TEAM. This is a special work crew that includes Stroke and Turn Judge, Head Referee and Starter. Members of this team must have attended the Officials' clinic. Training is provided, no experience required.

Ribbons Assistant. Places labels on ribbons and files in team’s family folders box. May assist Data Team with posting results during home meets.

Runner. Collects and organizes the forms filled out by the timers and delivers to the data entry desk. Collects DQs from Stroke & Turn persons and brings them to the Referee for signature and hands them to the data entry desk.

SET-UP/CLEAN-UP CREW. This is a special work crew that handles set up and clean up of all home meets. Set-up team members must arrive 90 minutes prior to the meet. Sets up the equipment needed for a home meet including lane ropes, starting blocks, sound system, timing system, tables and chairs, and pop-ups. Ropes off the kiddy pool, stairs, and showers. Assists with Kitchen set up as needed.  At the end of home meets, clean-up team members takes down and stores the equipment, mops kitchen area, cleans up all the garbage left around the pool and surrounding areas, including the bathroom, and puts trash into the dumpster. On evening meets, covers the pool.

Starter. Must have attended the Officials clinic. Directs the swimmers onto the starting blocks and announces the stroke and distance for the specific event. Uses the horn to start each race. The starter assists in calling false starts. This position is part of the Officials Team.

Stroke and Turn Judge. Must have attended the Officials clinic. Monitors that swimmers follow the technical rules for stroke and turn as established by the referee prior to the meet. This position is part of the Officials Team.

Timer. Times the swimmers using a timing system provided by the team. One timer will also use a stopwatch to record a manual time, and one timer in each lane will also be a recorder, writing down the stopwatch time of the swimmer in their lane and confirming that the correct swimmer is listed on the form.

Can I pay somebody to do my job?

Yes. The agreement for pay is between the family and the person working the job. Note: The person filling in for you must be at least 16. Not all jobs can be worked by a replacement. Check with the Meet Director to find out if your job qualifies.

How do I sign up for jobs?

See the signups FAQ page