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Glossary of Terms

Blocks. Risers located at the end of each lane. Swimmers dive off these at the sound of the starter’s gun/horn.

Desk. The group of parent volunteers that records times, keeps scores and makes out ribbons.

DQ. Disqualification of a swimmer by a Stroke and Turn Judge or other meet official. Common examples include a false start, illegal stroke (scissor kick in breaststroke) or illegal touch (two hand required on butterfly and breaststroke).

Dual Meet. Meet where two teams compete.

Event. An age group swimming a particular stroke, e.g. the first event in most dual meets is the Girls 6 & Under Medley Relay

Heat. One group of up to six or eight swimmers in an event, depending on the number of pool lanes. An event can contain more than one heat of swimmers.

IM  Individual Medley. A single swimmer swims one lap of each stroke in the order of butterfly, back, breast, and freestyle. 6 & under do not swim I.M.

Invitational Meet. A meet which the team must be invited to attend. This is often a special meet where entries, along with entry fee, are required up to a month prior to the meet.

Lane. Space allowed for a swimmer to swim. The home team typically has Lanes 2, 4, and 6.

Lap. One length of the pool.

Mixed Relay. A relay consisting of both sexes, typically of 2 girls and 2 boys.

Points. Dual meet scoring: For individual events 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 1 point. For relays 1st = 8 points and 2nd = 4 points. This is for home meets. Away teams may vary.

Records. Fastest time ever achieved. Pool records are the fastest time achieved at our Main Pool. They can be set by a swimmer of any team swimming at our pool. Team records are the fastest times achieved by a Stingray swimmer. They can be made at any pool where the team swims in a meet.

Relay. Four swimmers, each swim a leg of the relay. In the Free Relay, all legs are freestyle. In the Medley Relay, each leg is a different stroke in the order backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle.

Scratch. When a swimmer does not show up for scheduled event. 9 & Up swimmers are responsible for getting themselves to the blocks. The 8 & unders will be shepherded by parent volunteers (marshals).

Split. An individual’s time for one leg of a relay. Times are generally faster than a race with a standstill start.

Time Trials. A meet where swimmers are timed for every stroke that they can swim the required length of the pool. We would like to have a recorded time for all strokes. These times are used to schedule the first few meets, and to measure each swimmer’s progress as the season continues.