New Family Information
Welcome to the Forest Park Swim Team!
Welcome New Families to the Forest Park
Swim Team!

Welcome to all our new Flyer Families. In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion that comes with being "new", and to help you "plunge" right in and have fun, we would like to provide you with some basic information which we hope you will find helpful.

We kick off our season with Parent Orientation Night. Parent Orientation is usually held in early spring. At Orientation, parents will be asked to sign up to work 8 jobs at dual meets.

Do not worry about not knowing how to do a job. We were all once "new" too and know the anxiety you might have. Please do not panic. You will find that there is always someone near to help you.


Pre-season practice begins in April. Regular season practice begins in June and will be held in both the morning and the afternoon. Please consult the Practices Page for the appropriate age group time for practices. Morning practice is considered the primary practice and stresses endurance. Afternoon practices stress stroke work. Swimmers are expected to attend at least one practice each day.

Practices will NOT be held on the Monday following all two day meets. After meets, practices, and lessons, ALL SWIMMERS MUST VACATE THE PREMISES AS PER THE ASSOCIATION'S INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS.

Dual Meets

Regular swim meets are generally on Wednesday and Saturday where we swim against one other team. Wednesday evening meets generally begin at 6:00 PM. For home meets at Forest Park, swimmers are expected to arrive with adequate time so they can be in the pool at 5:00 PM for warm-ups. For away meets, swimmers are expected to arrive with adequate time so they can be in the pool at 5:30 PM for warm-ups. Saturday morning meets generally begin at 9:00 AM. For home meets at Forest Park, swimmers are expected to be in the water at 8:00 AM for warm-ups. For away meets, swimmers are expected to be in the water at 8:30 AM for warm-ups.

Our League (CCVSC) is made up of 7 teams. We swim against each team in our league twice. Once is an “A” meet and once is a “B” meet. In the past, the Forest Park Swim Team was an A/B Team. We were too small to field both an A and B team separately. Everyone had always been able to swim at all meets. The B meet designation is important because if a swimmer has an A time in a stroke, the swimmer is not eligible to swim that stroke at a B meet. Prior to 2005, our league (CCVSC) allowed a swimmer with an A time to swim at a B meet in any non-scoring heat for what is called a complimentary swim. This was done to let swimmers with A times in all events (in both their own age group and the age group above) swim just to get a time. However, this is not the case anymore.

In 2006, a new CCVSC rule states that there will be NO complimentary swims at B meets whatsoever. B meets are designed to let those who have not reached the A standard have a meet where they can swim against a level of competition equal to their own and be recognized for their own achievements.

Because our team has grown so much over the past couple of years, we have had to be more conscious of “A” and “B’ swimmers. This does not mean that we are a divided team. What it means is that some swimmers will not swim at both A and B meets. To keep A meets running smoothly, there will be a limited number of extra heats for each event. If a swimmer’s parents are scheduled to work the meet, we will try to have the swimmer swim. The Board also recognizes that families have more than one swimmer and will try to work with that as well.

Torture Week

In order to better prepare the swimmers for the big end of season two-day meets, practice is expanded for one week during July. This week is referred to as Torture Week. There are separate Torture Weeks for 10 & Under Swimmers and for 11 & Up Swimmers. During Torture Week, the swimmers are expected to attend both morning and afternoon practices. Afternoon practices will be held on Friday during Torture Week only. Afternoon practices during this time are only for the swimmers participating in Torture Week. As an incentive, swimmers who miss no more than one practice during the week are awarded a special Torture Week T-shirt.


Being a member of the team, you will be sure to have some fun too. Here are some of the planned activities: team pancake breakfast, pasta feed potlucks before two day meets, pizza and awards after two day meets, and Buddy Night. There are also age group activities being planned by a parent. Check the calendar in this packet for dates and the pool bulletin board for further details.

Swimming Buddies:

Each swimmer will be given one or two buddies at the beginning of summer swim practices. This is designed to give swimmers a chance to get to know more people in different age groups. Each swimmer should spend some time getting to know their buddies over the summer. Cheer for your buddies during swim meets and encourage their progress. Show spirit for your buddy by making posters for them and hanging them up at our 2 day meets.

Buddy Night

What is Buddy Night? Buddy Night is an evening social event for the swimmers including dinner, dancing, games, and fun. About two weeks before the evening, there will be sign-ups for Buddy Night.

Two Day Meets

The two day meets we participate in are:

1. Battle of Ages (self-funded)

2. East County Invitational (ECI) (self-funded)

3. League Meet

4. City Meet

5. County Meet (Swimmers must qualify)

Two day meets are fun, but can also run late. Parents will be asked to work one shift during each two day meet. A schedule sign up will be posted on the bulletin board at least one week prior to the meet.

Things to Bring to Meets

  • We suggest the following:
  • 2 Towels per Swimmer
  • Camera
  • Sleeping Bag (especially for evening meets)
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Sweats for your swimmer to put on between heats
  • Safety Pin (restringing boys suit)
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Music
  • Sunscreen (for parents too!)
  • Anything Purple
  • Swim Cap (and a spare)
  • Sun Hat, Visor, Umbrella
  • Baby Powder for the Swim Cap
  • Magazines, Newspaper
  • Ice chest with plenty of healthy snacks, fruit, & drinks (do not forget plenty of water).

Look around, you will see people bringing a lot of other "cool" stuff. Borrow from their ideas and share your own.

It is our wish to help you in any way we can to help ensure your experience with Forest Park Flyers is a positive one. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. Another valuable source of information is the bulletin board at the pool. Announcements are posted there regularly.

Welcome Aboard!