Parent Obligations



Please email [email protected] and also call Lori Brown 510-734-9401 (cell) if your child is ill the morning or evening of a meet and you were not signed out.  You may also text them.


  1. Every* family participates in a JOB (helps a meet run) AND a COMMITTEE (helps the season run).  City Meet, Conference Meet, and Invitational Meets have separate job sign-ups (*some modified requirements apply for Head positions and 15/18 only families: Families whose youngest swimmer is a 15/18 only need to fulfill a job).

  2. If you have an issue during a meet, please contact Meet Director Erica Atencion or another team board member directly.  Do not approach the coaches with a complaint or issue during a meet.  If you are leaving early from a meet, let the Meet Director or a board member know because your child could have been assigned to a relay at the end of a meet.

  3. Coaches are not expected to make event/heat/lane assignment changes during a meet. Please do not ask them to do so. Be aware there could be changes from the posted meet sheets depending upon scratched swimmers, starter decisions, etc.

  4. Be responsible for ALL of your children, including those who may not be swimming.  During home meets our baby pool is closed, as there is no lifeguard on duty.

  5. Parents of 6/Us and 7/8 swimmers – it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to ensure that your child gets to the shepherds before each race – listen for the shepherd bell!  Also, make sure your child has used the restroom prior to the event.

  6. Parents of 9/10s – your 9 year old must get to the blocks without a shepherd this year - please help them, especially at the start of the season.

  7. Be a model of good sportsmanship for your child.

  8. Alcoholic Beverages: Out of respect for other swim teams, please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages at all away meets.

  9. The swim team does not condone drinking alcoholic beverages at home meets.

  10. Use your best judgment and be as responsible as you would be at any other youth sporting event.

  11. Absolutely no glass on the pool deck.

  12. Regularly check family folders, email, and bulletin board for latest info.

  13. If you are a no show at any of the below listed meets and have not notified a coach or team board member, YOU MAY BE EXPECTED TO REIMBURSE THE TEAM FOR ENTRANCE FEES (9/UNDER PHAST INVITATIONAL, CITY MEET, AND CONFERENCE MEET).

  14. Please attend a minimum of three practices a week to swim in meets. Allowances will be made for vacations, day camp, illness, etc.

  15. Please arrive promptly for practices. Be in the water and working out within 10 minutes of set practice time.

  16. During Summer Practice, no child under 10 years old can be left at the pool alone without a parent (or adult caregiver) before or after their practice time

  17. We ask that parents (or adult caregivers) remain at the pool during the 6&U and 7/8 age group practices

  18. Non-members are not allowed to accompany you or your swimmers during morning summer practice when the club is not officially open

  19. No food is sold before the club opens; please refrain from eating and creating a mess in the clubhouse

  20. Please ask your swimmers to keep their swim bags outside of the clubhouse

21.  Please DRIVE CAREFULLY through the neighborhoods around the pool.

22.  Do not leave garbage in any area around the pool, especially on the deck or in the clubhouse.

23.  Swimmers must swim in at least two conference dual meets to be eligible for the end of season Conference Meet.  That includes the following meets: Dewing Park, Indian Valley, Walnut Heights, Rudgear Estates, LMYA, Woodlands, and Walnut Creek Swim Club.

24.  WARM UPS ARE NOT OPTIONAL!  Please be on time for meets!  Your relay is counting on you.



(Read emails carefully for start time)

WEDS HOME MEETS – arrive 4:30 or 5:00pm for warm up

WEDS AWAY MEETS – arrive 5:00 or 5:30pm for warm up



SAT HOME MEETS – arrive 8:00am for warm up

SAT AWAY MEETS – arrive 8:30am for warm up


25.  You must sign in/out for meets at (team website).   Please sign in/out by Wednesday afternoon for a Saturday meet and by Saturday morning for a Wednesday night meet.  This allows us to schedule events appropriately.




1.  Always demonstrate good sportsmanship during practices and at meets.  Show respect to your coaches, teammates, and the families and properties we visit.  If you have any problems at a meet, tell a coach.

2.  Behave in a safe manner-- stay off the lane lines, do not push others into the pool, etc.

3.  Keep track of your own things!  Label suits, clothing, towels, etc.

4.  If you have the flu, a fever, or other illness, please stay out of the water until you have been well for 24 hours – the healthy Sharks appreciate it!

5.  Encourage ALL teammates to do their best!