Conference Rules


Conference rules:  Swimmers may be entered into 3 individual events, 2 relays, and IM.  USS "NO FALSE START" Rule applies, as do the current USS Short Course Swimming Rules.

We have MORE flexibility during non-conference dual meets to run extra heats of races, and LESS flexibility on Wednesday night meets because time constraints may be limit heats and events.


CLICK HERE for Walnut Creek Swim Conference Rules 2017

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Please note that there is NO LONGER a one-time swimmer exemption and all swimmers who want to participate in our Conference, must abide by the following: (the following is an excerpt from our conference rules):


 Recreational swim teams may not begin training earlier than April 1, 2020.  


  • Recreational swimmers are expected to take a break during the off-season (January 1, 2020- February 28, 2020) from all organized swimming activities. 
  •  Spring Clinics-- March 1 2020-March 31, 2020-Swimmers may not participate in more than 15 hours of lessons or clinics by participating in multiple programs during this period. 
  • Swim teams that wish to participate in the County meet may not offer more than 15 hours of lessons or clinics through the team, by team coaches or at team facilities (whether in or out of the water) from March 1, 2020 through the start of the swim season, April 1, 2020.
  • Private, one on one lessons provided by individual coaches do not count toward a program’s 15 hour limit but DO count toward individual swimmers’ maximum of 15 hours during the off season. 
  • The focus and intent of all off-season lessons/clinics should be on technical stroke improvement/instruction and not on aerobic training/conditioning. 
  • Programs and coaches who provide swimmers with written workouts with the expectation that the swimmers complete these workouts will jeopardize eligibility. 
  • Participating in water polo or synchronized swimming programs where the primary focus of the work is swim conditioning will jeopardize eligibility. It is understood that being in the water for either of these activities involves some swimming, however there is a clear line between water polo/synchronized swimming drills/games/competition and straight swim training. 
  • Programs, coaches and swimmers/swimmers’ facilities are expected to track specific attendance in any off-season lessons/clinics (dates, times, locations and coaches). 
  • Swimmers (other than high school and college swimmers ) may not compete as members of a year-round swim team or train with a year-round swim team after December 31, 2019 and until August 4, 2020.  
  • High school and college swimmers who are members of their scholastic teams may continue to train with a year-round swim team until January 26th (or the start of the high school swim season). High school and college swimmers may not swim in any meets sponsored by USA Swimming after December 31, 2018 and until August 5, 2019. 
  • Swimmers assisting with the coaching of participating teams may compete, provided they meet all other eligibility rules and are bona fide members of the team they represent. 
  • Any protest of swimmer’s eligibility to participate in the WCSC must be submitted in writing and signed by the head coach to the WCSC board.