General Meet Info


DUAL MEETS – competition between two teams

WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEETS start at 5:30 or 6:00pm, typically finish or are called by 9:00pm.

Home team warm-ups take place at 4:30 or 5:00pm  -  Away team warm-ups take place at 5:00 or 5:30pm.

SATURDAY MEETS start at 9:00 am, and typically finish by 1:00pm.

Home team warm-ups take place at 8:00 am  -  away team warm-up take place at 8:30 am.



Medley Relay

IM (Individual Medley)                 





Free Relay

Meets start with 6U Girls, then 6U Boys, and alternate through the age groups.

NOTE: 6U relays are the only mixed relays (they are the only relay teams made up of both boys AND girls)


Most swimmers have written on the back of their hand (with a Sharpie pen) what they are swimming, heat, and lane.  An example is provided below:

FR      1/1     Freestyle: Heat 1/Lane 1

BR      2/4     Breaststroke:  Heat 2/Lane 4

BK (Backstroke)  FLY (Butterfly)  IM (Individual Medley)


We have more flexibility during non-conference dual meets to run extra heats of races, and less flexibility on Wednesday night meets because time constraints may limit heats and events.



• Team suit, goggles, cap(s), extra towels

• Blanket or parka for cool mornings and evenings

• Something to entertain between races; cards, books, coloring, games.

• Most meets offer food at reasonable prices - some people prefer to bring their own.

• Lawn chair, blanket, umbrella/pop up tent

• Sharpie-type pen to write heat/lane assignments and to record times.



• Older swimmers can help encourage the younger Shark swimmers.

• EVERYBODY should be supportive!

• Our coaches are there for our swimmers; let’s cheer them on too!


CITY MEET – This is a 2-day meet at Heather Farms pool for all teams within the City of Walnut Creek.  In the past, each swimmer has been allowed to swim in 3 individual events.



Saturday                                           Sunday

11/ up IM                                           10/under IM

Freestyle                                           Backstroke

Butterfly                                             Breaststroke

Medley Relay                                     Free Relay

The results of each event at City Meet are divided into an A and B flight.  This means that some of our “middle of the road” swimmers have an equal opportunity to earn points for Larkey and win ribbons for themselves.  Many of our best swims come at this meet!

We have an assigned team area at the Swim Center at Heather Farms; families are required to sign-up to work a job during the weekend; and races are exciting!  The Walnut Creek Swim Club (WCSC) runs this meet.


CONFERENCE MEET – sign outs are discouraged at this 2-day meet!



Saturday AM     Saturday PM       Sunday AM       Sunday PM

Freestyle           Finals Free/Fly    Backstroke      Finals Back/Breast

Butterfly           Medley Relay       Breaststroke     Free Relay

11/Up IMs                                    10/Under IMs


Conference meet is the culmination of the swim season, with all teams from the Walnut Creek Swim Conference participating. Many families look forward to Conference as the most spirited of meets – In the past, Larkey’s entrance has included our Giant Shark leading the 150 swimmers into the pool area!  The WC Swim Conference teams include; Larkey, Rudgear Meadows, Dewing Park, Indian Valley, Walnut Heights, Rudgear Estates, Woodlands Swim Team, and Walnut Creek Swim Club.    



PHAST 9 and Under Meet - This is an age group invitational meet. Parents will need to sign up for a job if they have a swimmer attending this meet .

BATTLE OF THE AGES – This swim meet is open to all swimmers and is hosted by the Pleasant Hill Dolphins.  Swimmers only compete against kids that are the same age.  For instance, 9 year olds only swim against the other 9 year olds and10 year olds would swim against the other 10 year olds.  Parents will need to sign up for a job if they have a swimmer attending this meet.  

WOODLANDS INVITATIONAL – Coaches will determine which swimmers will participate in this meet.  Parents will need to sign up for a job if they have a swimmer attending this meet.

COUNTY MEET – Swimmers participate at this meet by achieving a qualifying time for the specific event.  County qualifying times are listed as “Gold Star” times within the Larkey Sharks Star Times 2012.  You can only swim 2 individual events.  Coaches will determine relays. Parents will need to sign up for a job if they have a swimmer attending this meet.