DHST 2017 Season Swim Team FAQ’s


What are the team registration fees?


For all age groups and otter pups (except for 15-18 year olds) the registration fee is $425 for the first swimmer for non-Dana Hills residents and $375 for Dana Hills residents.


For 15-18 year old swimmers, the registration fee is $250 for the first swimmer for non-Dana Hills residents and $200 for Dana Hills residents.


We do offer multi-swimmer discounts: $50 for registering 2 swimmers; and $150 for registering 3 or more swimmers. Discount amount/s are calculated during registration process.


Do we offer “discounts” for swimmers that can’t attend all meets, practices or limited availability?


We do not offer “discounts” except for multi-swimmer discounts.


What form of payment is accepted for registration fees?


Credit Cards or checks are accepted.


Checks should be mailed to: PO Box 698, Clayton, CA, 94517 and made out to DHST.

If paying by check, all registration fee’s are due by May 8th without exception.


What if I register and decide to drop from the team?


Registration fees for swimmers dropping from the team will be refunded as follows:

  • 75% through May 31st

  • 50% through June 15th

  • 30% through June 30th

  • No refund after June 30th

 Do swimmers need to attend all practices or swim meets?


The short answer is no, however, it is always encouraged to attend as many practices and meets as you can.  Please be aware that your child's meet attendance does not impact your work commitment..


Are swimmers automatically entered into swim meets?


No.  Families must sign their swimmer/s into each meet they wish to participate in. You can sign up in advance for all meets or weekly:


When are the swim meets?


Our meet schedule is final and posted on the website: 


Can a swimmer practice with an age group that they are not a part of, i.e., swim up?




What are the parental volunteer requirements if my child swims for DHST?


Our swim team runs on volunteers!  Every family needs to do their share to make our team great!  Some families fulfill their requirement by doing full year or full season jobs (Board Member, Meet Director, Social Chair, etc).  The rest of our families work at the meets.  All of our families will need to volunteer at one of our social events.  Job sign-up is done on-line at the end of April on a first-come basis.  The date will be pre-announced.  The expectation is for every family to complete a total of 9 job points (7 regular meet points + 2 Pentathlon points) (NOTE: This is based on last year's job commitment and is subject to the number of families registered.  The more families, the less job points required per family). The Pentathlon is an expectation for all families!  15-18 parents are only required to work at Pentathlon.  We will have a list of teen subs available if a family would prefer to pay someone to work their slot in stead. ($50/regular meet or $100/Pentathlon).  The fee for a no-show is $150.


Volunteering is an important part of swim team.  You get to meet and talk with other parents and be a part of the whole meet experience. You will still be able to watch your child swim!


Where can I purchase swimsuits?


Swim Meet FAQ’s: