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Referral Program

Member Referral Program

Revised for 2019 season. 

As we have in years past, we’re asking for your help in bringing in new members. Our best advertising comes from word-of-mouth and from members like you telling your friends about how great the pool is for playdates, swim meets and hanging with friends. This is why we are offering a referral bonus of $50 off of next year’s membership for every paid new member who signs up and lets us know via email who referred them this year and signs back up next year.

We are also asking for help with finding corporate sponsors for the club. We sent an email a while back and will send this email once again because your help is crucial. This year we are even offering a 20% credit (increased from 10%) toward membership dues for corporate sponsorships sourced by our members. We are a nonprofit organization, so the more revenue we can generate from corporate sponsors, the less upward pressure we will see on our membership dues. And please make every effort to support the sponsors that support our club – this way they’ll be happy to be our partners for years to come.

Any questions please contact the Membership Committee