History of CMSL

History of CMSL

The Metropolitan Swim League was continually experiencing problems maintaining balance competition between member clubs. It was decided during the fall meeting in 1972 that acommittee be setup to explore the possibility of expanding the league in order to create multiple divisions of"balanced" competition. 

The committee, in its attempt to expand the Metropolitan Swim League, made contacts with all local swim leagues and most local independent swim clubs. During these contacts, it was discovered that the same problem,"league balance" was causing a great deal of concern in both the Chesapeakeand Suburban Swim Leagues.

It was then suggested that a consolidation of the three leagues into one large league modeled after an existing  league in Washington, D.C.P.J. Kosmodel, Committee Chairman and Forest Hill's coach, Page 4 2010 CMSL Handbookmade formal presentations to both the Chesapeake and Suburban SwimLeagues during the winter of 1972-1973. Receiving a favorable response from both leagues, an organizational meeting was held at the Howard County YMCA to which all interested leagues and teams were invited.

The Central Maryland SwimLeague (CMSL) was born at this meeting with initial swimming and diving competition taking place during the summer of 1973.

It is interesting to note that the CMSL operated the first year with out a constitution or by-laws. Bill and Gail Walker compiled and published CMSL's first yearbook for the 1977 summer season. In 1991, CMSL's Individual Championship Meet was named the Straehle Invitational Championship Meet to honor the years of service of both Bill and Betty Straehle.