TU/Touchpad Files

Files for Team Unify/Touchpad

Many teams in the CMSL use Team Unify (TU) and Touchpad.  This page contains some common templates and primers as well as updated record and standards files utilized within the CMSL.

AAU Bulk Verify using TU
The following document provides a reference for performing an AAU bulk verify report from TU.

TU AAU Bulk Verification Instructions

Exporting TU Roster Files
The following link contains instructions to properly export a TU roster with the correct CMSL age-up date.

TU Roster Export Instructions

Creating a Touchpad CMSL Meet
The following files contain instructions for setting up a CMSL Touchpad meet and an 8 lane 25M CMSL template.

Touchpad Meet Setup Instructions

Touchpad Template - 8 Lane, 25M

TU/Touchpad Records Files
The following files contain CMSL records in TU format.  These files can be imported to perform CMSL record checks during/after a meet.  These files will be updated as records are broken throughout the season.  To use these files, download, unzip and
import into your TU software.

Straehle Time Standard
The following file contains the CMSL Straehle Time Standard in TU format.  To use this file, download, unzip and 
import into your TU software.