Swimmer Eligibility and Evaluations

All swimmers must be between 5 and 18 years old of June 15th. (The Head Coach has the discretion to evaluate and approve swimmers under 5 if room available).

EVALUATION DATES:  MAY 29-30 (6-7 pm at the Chantilly Highlands pool).  No registration is necessary. You only need to attend one day (come any time during the 6-7 pm timeframe)

This is a competitive swim team.  A minimum swimming level is required, and the following swimmers must attend a swimmer evaluation at the beginning of the season.  This evaluation generally consists of observing the swimmer while he/she swims the length of the pool freestyle & backstroke.  Swimmers do not need perfect strokes, but must meet the minimum requirements outlined below. Swimmers must also swim at a level which will not impede the practice group.  In addition to swimming ability, comfort in the water and in the group setting, age, and maturity are considered.

Who must attend the evaluation:

- Anyone new to the team (regardless of age)

- Any returning swimmer (regardless of age) who did not participate in a meet the previous season and achieve a legal time in at least freestyle

- Any returning swimmer who will be in the juniors group.

- Any swimmer (age 9 and under) registering to attend Camp Practice

Mini Dolphins

Generally, these are our youngest swimmers who are comfortable in the water, will put their face in the water, and will attempt to swim. Mini Dolphins are ages 5-6 (7 year olds MAY be added with coach approval).  All swimmers 5 and under may only join the program upon discretion of the head coach. Only those participants who are determined to be comfortable in the water and comfortable in a group setting, and those who have the maturity and attention span required to ensure the safety of all swimmers will be considered. In order to ensure the safety of these swimmers, the size of this group is limited.  Mini Dolphins begin practice the day after school gets out.

Junior Dolphins

This group is for swimmers generally ages 6-8.  Swimmers must be able to make it across the 25 meter pool (or almost across) in at least freestyle.  These swimmers aren’t quite ready for the training ritual of the 8 & Under practice group, but are often competing in at least one stroke. The Head Coach determines whether a developing swimmer is a Mini, a Junior Dolphin or an 8 & Under swimmer, and will often move swimmers up to a more advanced group as the summer progresses. Junior Dolphins, like the minis, do not start practicing until school is out due to lane restrictions.  Please do NOT register your child as a Junior unless they meet these requirements.  We do not have the ability to move swimmers registering as a Junior to the Minis group if the Minis group is full.

Age group Swimmers

For age group swimmers, there are minimum requirements to be on swim team.  10+ swimmers must be able to swim 50 meters freestyle completely unassisted (by lane line, pool bottom, kickboard or coach). 9 year old swimmers unable to swim 50 meters may be requested to attend the 8&U practice at the discretion of the coach.

8&Under:  At a minimum, must be able to swim 25 meters freestyle completely unassisted (by lane line, pool bottom, kickboard, or coach)  No exceptions.