Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

What is each family required to do?

  • If you have a Swimmer swimming in a meet, you must sign up for a job as well. We need help from all our families to run the swim team season. There are lots of different opportunities to volunteer behind the scenes and at the pool during meets. Just ask!
  • Summer swim is fun! Signing up for a job is a great way to get to know other families and your neighbors.
  • Swimmers may swim a variety of meets through the year and parents are needed at each event to cheer on the team and help the event run smoothly!  (Event details and Job Sign Ups are available on the Dolphins website.)

Swim Team Committee Roles (NOTE: Some of these are year-round positions*)

  • Co-Chair*, CSL Team Rep*, Spirit Wear Coordinator*, Photo Gallery Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Concessions Lead, Social, Treasurer*, Hytek Lead, Parent Involvement Coordinator, Ribbon Coordinator, Registrar*, and Website Administrator*.
  • Committee Member:  The swim team is run by a committee of volunteer parents who carry out various roles associated with running a successful swim season.  We work with the Homeowners Association, Coaches and the Colonial Swim League on the logistics of the season and the meets and oversee the social and financial aspects of the team.  Joining the committee is a great way to ensure the voices of all of our parents are heard and the needs of each swimmer are met. Generally, we aim to rotate and add new members each year.  If you’d like to learn more about the committee please email us at [email protected].
  • Stroke and Turn:  We are actively seeking Stroke and Turn officials. Stroke and Turn officials ensure compliance with the rules pertaining to the mechanics of the swim such as the arm stroke and kick.  To become a Stroke and Turn Official, you must attend a training clinic and apprentice under the guidance of a certified Stroke and Turn Official.  The training is provided by the Colonial Swim League.  Information about the training can be found by contacting the committee at [email protected]. 2021 Training is offered several dates in May.
  • Ribbons Coordinator: We are actively seeking a co-lead ribbons coordinator for this season.  This position works with the recorder at the meets to place the printed scores on the appropriate ribbon for distribution via family folders.  Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to help us fill this important job!

Swim Meet Jobs (At the Pool)

Clerk of Course:  This important job is at the heart of running an efficient meet and it a great way to pump up the swimmers right before they compete.  Volunteers help line up the kids for events. No training is required.

Team Area:  If you love getting to know the kids on the team, this job is for you!  Volunteers in the team area help keep things orderly and ensure the kids are available and on time for their events.

Pool Setup - Set up the pool for home meets.  For Wednesday B-Meets, set up begins at 4:45 p.m.  For Saturday A-Meets, set-up begins Friday night and continues Saturday morning.

Public Announcer - The Public Announcer coordinates with the Starter and makes announcements over the public address system during a home meet.  In addition to announcing the start of events, the PA Announcer could also announce swimmer names, meet scores, or other information.

Concessions Volunteer - Sells concessions at home meets.

Concessions Buyer - Picks up food for concessions at one or more vendors and delivers to the pool.   This position is only available at home meets.

Head Timer - The Head Timer coordinates the Lane Timers at home meets. Previous timing experience is required to fulfill the role of Head Timer.

Assistant Head Timer - The Assistant Head Timer works with the Head Timer at away meets.   Previous timing experience is required to fulfill the role of Assistant Head Timer.

Timer - Three Lane Timers are needed in each lane for the duration of each meet. Each Timer starts his stopwatch when the Starter gives the signal and stops his stopwatch when the swimmer in his lane touches the wall.  One of the timers in each lane is responsible for recording the times of all three Lane Timers on the swimmer’s time card and for turning the time card in to the Head Timer.

Runners - Runners collect cards and deliver them to the recorder.

Heat Winner Ribbon Distributor - The Heat Winner Ribbon Distributor distributes heat winner ribbons to heat winners of 10 & Under events. And lollipops!

Ribbon Writer - Ribbon Writers place ribbon back stickers (printed by the Recorder) on the back of the correct ribbons. Completed ribbons are filed in each swimmer’s Family Folder. No experience needed!

Stroke & Turn Judge (Training Required) - Stroke and Turn Judges monitor swimmers’ strokes and record possible disqualification (DQ) during a meet.  Stroke and Turn Judges must be trained at a stroke and turn clinic offered by the CSL.

Starter (Training Required) The Starter announces the event and start of each race.  Starters must be Stroke & Turn certified.

Referee/Admin Referee (Training Required) - The Referee makes the final decision on a possible infraction by a swimmer or team.  Referees must be Starter and Stroke and Turn certified.

If you are interested in learning more about these roles or have questions, please email [email protected]