Minis & Juniors

The Head Coach has final determination whether a developing swimmer is a Mini Dolphin, a Junior Dolphin or an 8-under swimmer at the evaluations. Please note, we do not have the ability to move swimmers registering for the Junior group into the Minis group if the minis group is full.  Please only register your swimmer as Junior if they meet the qualifications to be a Junior.  The Minis group is a capped group and we cannot exceed that limit.  If your swimmer comes to the evaluation registered as a Junior but does not meet the requirements to be in that group, we will have to unregister him/her and refund your money.

Note:  Young swimmers are often moved up from group-to-group as the summer progresses and their swimming ability improves. Note that practice times outlined are subject to change every season based on registration numbers.

Junior Dolphins

  • This group does not begin practice until the first day of summer. (Our after-school lane space is limited and the crowded lanes are not safe for our littlest swimmers).

  • This practice group is for swimmers who can make it across the pool (or just about across the pool) in at least freestyle and sometimes backstroke. These swimmers aren’t quite ready for the training ritual of the 8-under practice group but are often competing in at least one stroke. They practice in their own lane during the 8-under practice.

Mini Dolphins

  • This group does not begin practice until the first day of summer. They practice in the separate shallow-area of the pool.

  • The minis group was designed primarily for younger siblings of swim team members. Families of returning swimmers have the opportunity to register siblings in this program in early/priority registration.  Therefore, this program is sometimes filled before registration opens to new families.

  • This group is for swimmers who are not ready for the competitive team but are interested in being on the team in the future.

  • Generally, these are our youngest swimmers who are comfortable in the water, will put their face in the water, and will attempt to swim.

  • In general, Mini Dolphins should be 5-7 years old.

  • The head coach will determine if a child is ready to be a mini dolphin.

  • Only those participants who are determined to be comfortable in the water and comfortable in a group setting, and those who have the maturity and attention span required to ensure the safety of all swimmers will be considered.

  • In order to ensure the safety of these swimmers, the size of this group is limited and will close when full.

  • There is a 5-day refund period for this group.