2020 Volunteer Job Descriptions

2020 Swim Meet Volunteer Positions

Timer – Stands at the ends of the pool lanes with a stop watch and records times for swimmers.  Attends a quick "briefing" 5 minutes before the meet.

Bullpen Coordinator – Coordinates and works the bullpen. Must be loud and assertive!

Bullpen Worker – Organizes children for events and heats.

Awards/Ribbons – Works at awards table. Places labels on awards and distributes to eligible swimmers.

Runner – Collects lane timer sheets and delivers them to the computer operators.

Setup – Helps setup tables, benches, chairs, bullpens, tents, etc. before the meet.

Cleanup – Cleans up after the meet.

Volunteer Check-In – Checks in all workers for the evening and reports to the meet director any vacancies.

Trained Volunteer Positions (training must occur before the meet):

Head Computer Operator – Runs the meet.

Computer Assistant – Works at the computer table and assists the Head Computer Operator.

Stroke/Turn Judge – Determines the legality of strokes and turns.

Starter -- Announces and starts each race.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Open Board Positions:

  • Arctic Meet Director -- Organizes volunteers for meets, ensures meet supplies are ready for each home meet and helps meet run smoothly.
  • 4th of July Parade Coordinator -- Oversees the Dolphins' entry and participation in the 4th of July Parade

Pancake Breakfast Volunteer -- Helps prepare and serve breakfast on Thursdays for age group 13+ swimmers.

Team Apparel Distributor -- Early in the season and when necessary, hands out team apparel to swimmers at practice.

  • Artctic --
  • Atlantic --
  • Pacific --

4th of July Candy Donations -- Donate a bag of candy for swimmers to hand out during the parade.