2020 Team Suits

 2020 Team Suits

The Speedo Endurance suit has been chosen as the Dublin Dolphins' team suit for 2020 and the foreseeable future. In addition, the Dublin Dolphins' team logo will be heat-pressed onto the suit by Swimville. If a different brand black or black with green-trim suit is needed or desired, Swimville is happy to heat-press the logo onto said suit. Here are some more details about ordering suits:


Olentangy Plaza

837 Bethel Rd

Columbus, OH 43214

  1. Suit may be purchased anytime at the store before or after the fitting ( May 18th). If the suit-size is in stock, the logo can be heat-pressed at that time and ready to go.
  2. Suit may be ordered anytime through the Swimville website.
  3. Suit fitting will occur at the parent meeting (May 18th). No suits distributed at this time.
  4. In stock suits will be ready and distributed by the boosters about a week or so after the fitting.
  5. If a suit-size is not in stock and needs to be ordered, it will be ready 7-10 days afterwards.​