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Additional All star Shirt Sales-

Due to high demand and selling out so early, we are reopening the All Star online store till this Thursday, July 25th. 
All styles are available and the personalization option. 
Orders are only being shipped directly to the person ordering. 
Please share with all the swim teams and swim families!!!!

We recommend families order together or as a team to save on shipping costs.


Information for Otters Parents/Volunteers

We host all teams from the MPSL on July 21st for the All Star Championships. It is a our biggest fundraiser of the year for our summer and winter teams. 

Every family, whether or not they have a child participating, is expected to contribute to our team’s efforts as host of the Mid-Penn All-Star Meet on Sunday, July 21.  Every family is asked to help set up and tear down for the All-Star Meet.  Additionally, every family is asked to staff one of the many volunteer positions on meet day.  For those vacationing on meet day and therefore unable to serve, we have some “leg work” positions that can be completed prior to All-Star weekend.  If you are unable to serve on meet day, we ask that you volunteer for one of these positions.

If you are a new family, some easier jobs are concessions (help serve the food, and replenish), concessions runner (just have to run to the store and pick up items we run out of at the concessions stand), parking (direct cars on where to park), backup timer (hit the start button on the stopwatch when the starter beeps, and then hit the stop button after the race is over. If a regular timer misses the start or their watch messes up you will go over to them and replace them for that race), drinks for volunteers coaches and officials (hand out waters to all volunteers, coaches, and officials)

Some other jobs that require a little more experience might be clerk of course (we line up all the swimmers from every team under a tent), cashiers at concessions & admission & shirts (it would be great if you are good with #'s but we provide calculators), cashing out concessions, taking entry fee at gates, and t-shirt sales (give them the shirt and take the money)

Thank you to our volunteers!