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B-Meet Signup Policy


B-Meet Signup Policies (not applicable to A-Meets)

First of all, all swimmers are ALWAYS welcome to swim in B-meets. We want them to swim and to have fun at the meet.

As most of you may know, a swimmer's time is recorded on a time card. The cards are laboriously prepared before the meet and they must match what's on the computer. If the signup guidelines are not followed, the manual steps to get extra time cards printed are time consuming.

Time cards will be printed only for those who have properly signed up (meaning, before the deadline and including up to 3 strokes of choice including IM)

Can my child swim without a printed time card?

Yes! Without a printed time card, a swimmer can definitely swim (and he or she is always welcome). He or she will have to ask for a hand-written time card from one of the coaches (this may be stressful for younger swimmers because B-Meet can be hectic!), AND, the swimmer's times will NOT be recorded on the computer. The swimmer will not get any ribbon and their swim times will not show up on the swim ladder/top times that the coaches review.

We do this NOT to penalize anyone, but the computer preparation and other behind-the-scene tasks for a B-meet is very time consuming. During a B-meet, so many things happen and, to be fair to all, we want to focus on running things smoothly for all swimmers.

How do I make sure my swimmer has a time card?

Easy! Fortunately for Wahoos parents, signing up properly on Team Unify is simple. If you do your part timely and correctly, your swimmer will have a time card and his/her times will be properly recorded. Enjoy the meet!

Note that you must choose up to 3 events/strokes in a B-meet signup. IM is not counted and may be the 4th choice (keep in mind that IM may be canceled due to weather or time).

What if I missed the signup deadline or did not specify any stroke in the signup?

Sorry, we no longer choose swim strokes for your swimmer or print late timecards. It is too time consuming for us. Your swimmer will NOT have any printed time cards. He/she may still swim with hand-written time card from the coaches, but the times will NOT be entered into the computer and he/she would not get any ribbon.

What about a swimmer who won a Top 3 place in an A-meet?

The league has this rule:

"XXI. 1 Developmental or "B" meets are held to provide an opportunity for less experienced swimmers to improve their strokes in a competitive environment. In keeping with the spirit and purpose of the B meets, participation in a particular event at these meets is not open to swimmers who placed first, second or third in that particular event or event in the same stroke block at the last scheduled dual meet."

This top-3 rule applies only to an B-meet and the previously scheduled A-meet. It does not apply to the other B-meets. It does not apply to 6-and-under exhibition events. If an A-meet is cancelled, then the top 3 results from last schedule A-meet are in effect until the next A-meet.

So, if you signed up ahead (thank you!) and later your swimmer earned a top-3 place in an event, we ask that you go back to the B-meet on Team Unify, and remove your swimmer from that event, or email us if you missed the deadline. We'll remove your swimmer from that stroke.

I have some questions. How do I contact the computer staff?

Email us: [email protected] (state your child's full name on the subject line).

We don’t answer swim practice questions. If anyone needs to contact Coach Burstein, his email is [email protected].

Finally, many thanks to those who have signed up correctly and timely. Thanks also for everyone's understanding.

Go Wahoos!