A Summer Swim Program by
WANTED: Volunteers!


It takes a lot of people to make the meets run smoothly – especially the Wednesday night
B meets when everyone can swim. We are all parents and volunteers and we depend on
each other to pitch in to help run the meets, sell concessions and help administer our

The following are a few activities that need your help. With any and all volunteer roles,
you will be able to watch your child(ren)’s events. The minimum expectation is that a
member of each family will volunteer at every meet where that family’s child(ren) is
swimming. There is no expectation for a parent to volunteer when his or her child is not
swimming. Volunteering makes the meets go faster and is a great way to meet other

Timers: We need at least 12 timers for each meet. Timing gets you up close and
personal with the swimmers and their splashes (which helps in the heat). And all it
requires is an opposable thumb. We strive to have enough volunteers that we can work in
shifts over the course of the meet.

Clerk of Course: We need a minimum of 2 Clerks of Course for each home meet and at
least one for away meets. The clerks of course organize the swimmers by age and gender
for each event, making sure that each child is in his or her assigned lane. If you like to
impose order on chaos, this is the job for you!

Computer: The computer gurus input the race times for each and every swimmer during
the meet. The assistants help organize the time cards for inputting race results.

Concessions: We sell snacks and drinks at our home meets as a way to raise money (and
keep everyone well-fueled!). We need workers at each home meet and numerous
donations of food and drinks to sell.

Officials: We need a referee and/or starter for each meet. We also need at least four
stroke and turn officials for each meet. Officials receive training and a fancy Colonial
Swimming League patch to wear when they are “official”. This is a great job for more
experienced swim team parents who want to “graduate” from timing. 

How to volunteer? A list of what help is needed will be posted for each meet on Team
Unify. When you sign up your swimmer for his or her preferred events in B meets, make
sure you sign up to volunteer at the same time!


Each and every one of us!