Practice Schedule

Summer 2021 - Practice Schedule:

Swim Practice Gear: Swimmers need to have these items at practice: goggles, a towel, a water bottle, a swim cap (highly recommended for long hair), and a snug-fitting suit (no two-piece suits for girls) for practices.  Swimsuits should be comfortable for racing.  We suggest that your swimmer have their own personal kickboard they bring to each practice.

Practice Protocol: Please be advised that only Blue Fins are allowed to be in the Barrington Pool during morning practices.  For the afternoon practices before school ends, we will be sharing the pool with our Barrington neighbors.  There are no private swim lessons during either of these times. 

For safety and liability reasons, we do not allow anyone who is not a Blue Fin to be in the Main Pool or the Junior Pool during morning practices.  In Summer 2021 (like we did last summer) only swimmers and the coaches, Team Rep, lifeguards, and parent volunteers will be allowed on the pool deck.  We ask that parents/guardians/nannies please be mindful of the children under your supervision as they line up for practice and then head home afterward.  If you are bringing small children with you to wait with you in the parking lot while your other child is swimming inside the pool area, please be mindful of their behavior too - physical distancing is still a must this summer until we are informed otherwise.  The restrooms will not be open for use unless it is an emergency (please know that if it is used, then it must be disinfected right away).  To guard against this, remind your children before you head to the pool to use the restroom at home.  We all want to keep each other safe.

Please know that our coaches need the full attention of our Blue Fins' swimmers who are in the water practicing.  When swimmers finish practice they need to return home so that the next practice group has the full attention of the coaches. The Barrington Pool officially opens to the community at 11am once school is out.

Also, please understand if we have to modify the practice schedules.  We are still in the midst of a pandemic that necessitates flexibility!  


After School, Mon-Fri (June 1-11)

Dolphins:  4:30pm - 5:15pm

Sharks (rising 8th graders and over): 5:15pm-6pm

Minnows (developmental):  6pm - 6:30pm. 

Mornings, Mon-Fri (June 14 - July 23)

Dolphins:  8:00am - 9:00am

Sharks: 9:00am - 10:00am.

Minnows: 10am - 10:45am 

July 26-July 30 (All Stars Only)

All Stars Practices Only - Monday - Friday - 10:00-11:00am. This is for swimmers who qualified to compete in the All Stars Meet.