Family Requirements

Family Requirements: 

The Blue Fins can't function without volunteers.  When people step up and help, meets go faster, and events happen.  There are so many volunteer roles to fill throughout the summer swim team season.  Please sign up to help. If there happens to be a gap, or some sort of circumstance prevents you from finding an open slot to sign up for, please contact a Volunteer Coordinator.  

We need all families to volunteer for AT LEAST SIX "A" or"B" Meets (in addition to volunteering at Time Trials).  We also need your help with social events as well -- please volunteer for at least TWO social activities/events IF WE ARE ABLE TO HAVE ANY IN 2021. If you have 2 or more swimmers, please sign up for even more events.  If your swimmer is participating in an "A" meet, you must sign up to volunteer so we can be sure that all slots are filled.  

Time Trials:  We are running a meet with one team instead of two teams, which means that the human power that we must provide essentially doubles.  All the volunteer slots have to be filled completely by Blue Fin families.  If your child is attending Time Trials, please understand that someone from your family MUST volunteer to help.  This will allow the swimmers an effective and smooth time trial, and parents an opportunity to get a dry run in before a swim meet against an opposing team.

If your child is swimming at an "A" meet, you can expect that we will need your help doing something on the pool deck.  If our team ends up needing you to volunteer at the last minute, even if you aren't signed up, please be prepared to say "yes."  Sometimes we have volunteers who are no shows (overslept, forgot, illness, the dog ran off -- we've heard it all) and if that happens the morning of a meet, we have no choice but to pull from the ranks of those sitting in their chairs on the pool deck.  We'll give you "on the job" training, especially if you are asked to assist with timing, Clerk of Course, or concessions. The meet can't start if we don't have our volunteers in place.

Special meets, such as the IM Meet, Relay Carnival, the Gold Divisional Meet, and the All Stars Meet are NOT counted toward the family's volunteer obligation listed above.  Families of swimmers participating in the special meets MUST volunteer at those meets.  In 2021, we won't be having Relay Carnival, and All Stars is an uncertainty right now.

We totally get it - life happens.  If something unexpected pops up that prevents you from meeting your family's volunteer commitment for a meet or for an event, please first try to find a replacement, and then contact the Volunteer Coordinator (Julie Bagshaw).  Communication is key here.  We would much rather know ahead of time if someone can't volunteer than experience the surprise of having a "no show" and dealing with that at the last minute at a Meet or at a Team Event.

At the end of the season, we will run a report tallying each family's volunteer commitment.