Job Descriptions

Swim Meet Job Descriptions:

Jobs That Would Be Good For New Blue Fins' Families:

Card Collector: Collect time cards from the timers, sorts and passes to Ribbons person near computer table.

Concessions: Set up and break down concession area at home meets.  Sell food and drinks.    On the job training provided.  

Concessions Ice/Food Pick Up and Delivery and Stand By:  Purchase concession items as decided by Concessions Chair prior to swim meet.  Deliver purchased items to pool.  Submit receipts to Blue Fins Treasurer for reimbursement.  No training needed.  This position will vary depending on what kind of meet it is (Time Trial, B Meet, A Meet).  Some meets have more food to be picked up prior to the meet (bagels, breakfast burritos, etc).  Depending on the meet, this position will be on stand by during the meet in case a last minute concessions errand needs to be run.

Floater: Available for miscellaneous assignments during home meets.  See On-Deck Volunteer Coordinator for possible assignments.  No experience required.

Heat Winner Ribbon Distributor: This person distributed heat winner ribbons to heat winners.  This position is available only at home developmental B meets.

Team Equipment Transporter:  This family will transport team equipment (two canopies, tarp, and sometimes the spare starter to an away meet.  Will need to arrive at the meet early as set up of the canopies (if we need them) can't happen until the equipment arrives.  

Ribbons/DQ Slip Helper:   Verifies and sorts time cards.  Processes all DQ slips.  Places labels on ribbons and sorts ribbons by team. On the job training provided.  

Runner: Take the swimmers from the waiting area before an event to their deck position.  Give time card to the Timer in each lane. Minor on the job training needed.

Set Up/Take Down: Set up the pool and deck area as much as possible Friday night and early Saturday morning (A Meets) or Wednesday afternoon (B Meets).  This includes: arranging pool deck furniture, backstroke flags, lane guides, swimmers' chairs, setting up tables (computer and concessions, setting up canopies, getting Clerk of Course area ready, etc.  Help put everything away after the meet, general cleaning of the area and return the pool deck to regular use.  On deck training provided.

Timer/Relief Timer: Timers use a stopwatch (provided by the head timer) to get accurate times for each swimmer.  One timer is designated as the Lane Recorder (one of three timers in a lane) and will collect the time card from the swimmer prior to a race and ensure the accuracy of information on the card, and will then record all three times for each race onto the time card.  After the event, a Card Collector will pick up the card.  On the job training provided.  

Jobs that Would Be GOOD for Veteran Blue Fin Families and/or Families with Older Children:

Head Timer: A position ideal for a veteran timer.  Head timer calls for and gives Timer's meeting prior to the start of the meet (notify announcer to gather timers at a specific location).  Timer's meeting notes can be found in the timing watch box.  During the meet, the Head Timer ensures all timers' watches are cleared before each race, signals starter that timers are ready, and assists timers if their watches fail to start once a race has begun.

Announcer: Announces all swim events and any relevant meet announcements to ensure that the meet runs according to schedule.  On the job training provided.  This is a committee chair position.

Clerk of Course/Assistant Clerk of Course.  1st volunteer (two fold job): 1) Organize the swimmers in the waiting area before their event and 2) seat swimmer in the order in which they will swim their events by lane and heat (applies to Saturday meets only) 2A Seat swimmer by event and age group only (applies to Wednesday meets only).  2nd volunteer: Walk the younger swimmers only to their respective lanes and hands off the time cards to the third volunteer.  3rd volunteer: For all 25Yard events, this person collects the cards from the younger swimmers and runs them to the Timers at the other end of the pool before the event begins.  If you volunteer in any of these three areas, you will not have to write up timecards.  On a Saturday meet, the timecards are prepared by the Coach and preprinted.  The Head Clerk of Course writes up the timecards on Wednesdays only at the home meets.  Typically, three other volunteers from the visiting team assists in the Clerk of Course as well. The Head Clerk of Course is a committee chair position.

Computer  Data Entry:  Volunteers will be needed to enter data into the computer during the swim meets.  For Wednesday meets, volunteers must be at the pool by 5:30pm and work until the meet is over.  For Saturday meets, volunteers must be at the pool by 7:30am and work until the meet is over.  The Chief Computer Operator is a committee chair position.

Referee:  A position that requires certification by the Colonial Swim League.  To be eligible to be a referee, an individual must be recommended by the Team Representative.  In addition, the candidate must be certified as a Stroke and Turn judge, as well as a Starter, and have knowledge of all deck official positions and meet administrative responsibilities.  (CSL training required).

Starter: A position that requires certification by the Colonial Swim League.  To be eligible for the position of the Starter, an individual must have worked one season as a Stroke and Turn Judge.  The Starter is responsible for the correct start of each event during a meet. (CSL training required).

Stroke and Turn Judge: A position that requires certification by the Colonial Swim League.  The responsibilities include: watching lanes during each event to determine if the stroke and turns are being completed correctly and completing DQ cards for swimmers that have been disqualified from a particular event. Parent volunteers for ths role do not have to have previous experience being competitive swimmers.  Our S&T Judges have the best view at the pool! (CSL training required).