Volunteer Leads

Volunteer Leads:

Below are descriptions of our Lead Volunteers.   If you'd like to volunteer for any of these open spots, or are interested in helping out, please contact Beth Van Beek. 

Announcer/DJ:  Play music, and make any relevant meet announcements to ensure that the meet runs according to schedule.  Also serve as the DJ for the team's night swim/slideshow  and also the end of season Awards Ceremony.  Set up and take down the equipment.  Mark Megan

Chief Clerk of Course:  In charge of training and selecting a team of volunteers who assist in the Clerk of Course area during B and A meets -- Time Trials too.  Chief Clerk of Course works closely with Team Reps and the Computer Operations Lead.  Clerks of Course are provided with an ordered list of all the meet events (Meet Sheet) to assist them with lining up the swimmers in the correct order before the swimmers proceed to the starting area.  Allison Waldron -- Kelly Pinsky and Anne McQueen shadowing

Closing Ceremony:  Organize end of season event.  Coordinate the theme of the Closing Ceremony event with the Team Reps.  Set up, serve, and clean up the night of the event (always held on the night of Divisionals unless it is rained out). Shannon Haynie 

Computer Operations:  Enter and upkeep all team statistics to include: swimmers, meet event, heats, lanes, and race times.  Works with Team Reps on Registration.  Print out time cards for all league meets.  Print ribbon labels. Jared McQueen, Bil Moorhouse, Phil Hernandez, Joel Hill, Tarik Laiketsion and Anteneh Nurlien.

Concessions: Coordinate food, drink, and supply purchases.  Coordinate concession volunteers. Ally Gillette -- Alicia Russo (shadowing).

Ice Cream Family:  As a summer fundraiser, the Blue Fins stock the ice cream at the pool.  The Ice Cream Family is in charge of stocking the freezer and getting the receipts to the Blue Fin treasurer.  Jenn Rafael

Meet Set Up Lead: Organize volunteers (junior coaches will help) to set up pool area in accordance with team instructions/maps ensuring all areas are meet ready before the meet begins.  For home "A" Meets on Saturday mornings, the pool needs to be set up when the pool closes on Friday evening.  For home "B" Meets on Wednesday evenings, set up begins immediately when the pool closes early at 4pm. 

Officials:  Coordinate the officials for each meet.  We always are looking for new volunteers to be trained by the Colonial Swim League to help officiate at meets (first as Stroke and Turn, then Starter, then Referee).  The Colonial Swim League has a mandatory training session in early June.   Steve Van Beek and Brian Jones

Record Board:  In charge of replacing the old record board with a new one in 2021. Josh Haynie

Ribbons: Maintain ribbon supplies.  Work with the Team Reps in the spring to ensure the supply order is sent into the CSL.  Coordinate ribbon preparation and distribution at the meets.  Ally Gillette -- Sandy Anderson and Michelle Baran (shadowing).

Swim-A-Thon: Coordinate the Barrington Blue Fins' swim-a-thon.  This is the team's primary fundraiser -- and it is a fun morning to do some on deck socializing too!  Shana Twitchell and Jennifer Fleitas

Social Coordinator-- Minnows and Mini Fins: Coordinate parents who have swimmers in the Minnow and Mini Fin Groups.  Help plan events and collect funds from parents for any special activities.    Kristin Bortner, Laura Cole, and Anne McQueen. 

Social Coordinator -- Dolphins: Coordinate parents who have swimmers in the Dolphin Group.  Help plan events, collect funds (if needed) from parents for any activities that are only for Dolphins. Social activities like: Dolphin Dance.  Shana Twitchell and Jennifer Fleitas

Social Coordinator - Sharks:  Coordinate parents who have swimmers in the Sharks Group.  Help plan events and set the calendar dates, help collect funds (if needed) from parents for the activity.  Social activities include "spirit" night; barbeque/picnic; boat trip; Progressive Dinner. Amy Jones. 

Spirit: Design the team t-shirt and also in charge of the lawn sign design and spirit activity distribution.  At Registration Night, assist with selling spirit wear that the team has on hand.  If we use an online store for purchasing spirit wear, assist with distribution when the order is ready.  Georgia Clark and Jill Castleman

Swim Team Committee:  Meet when needed to set the season's registration fee, discuss issues, and strategize about the swim team season.  Josh Haynie, Maegan Hogue, Gopal Sharma, Kaveh Noorishad (HOA Board Member), Steve Van Beek, Beth Van Beek.

Team Photographer:  Take photos, and organize the team photo event and copying the team photo and individual photo for distribution to families at the Closing Ceremony.  The team photographer is also in charge of the glass display case bulletin board at the Barrington pool entrance.  Jenn Smetek  

Team Slide Show:   Responsible for the team slideshow. Create a system for parents to contribute photos of their Blue Fin swimmers to use in the sideshow. Sandy Anderson

Team Reps:  Attend year-round meetings of the Colonial Swim League (in charge of CSL trophies for all Divisional Groups), hire Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Junior Coaches, and CITs, liaise with the other Team Reps and the referee at the meets to ensure they run smoothly, work with the Treasurer to set a team budget, approve team sponsorship requests, ensure record board at the pool is updated, member of Swim Team Committee, set the season calendar, organize registration, work with team outfitter (Cassels), manage the team website with Team Unify.  Steve and Beth Van Beek

Team Volunteer Coordinator: Work with team reps and the social chairs (Sharks/Dolphins/Minnows.  Figure out what volunteer needs there are for the big events and make sure event sign-ups are created for them.  Some of the big team events are: Kick Off Party, Movie Night, Float n Float, Beach Ball-ooza, Barrington Blue Fin Regatta, Closing Ceremonies.  At the meets, the Team Volunteer Coordinator will check volunteers in, ensure any no-shows are handled, and direct any new volunteers to their volunteer locations.  Ramya Burgess

Treasurer:  In charge of all of the financial accounts for the team. Member of the Swim Team Committee. Sets a team budget, deposit registration payments, sponsor payments, and pay bills such as volunteer reimbursements, coach stipends, vendor bills, and pay invoices from the Colonial Swim League.  Maegan Hogue -- Sandy Anderson shadowing.