Practice Groups

Practice Groups:


The swim team is grouped into "schools" of fish in our Big Blue Fins' Tank.  The practice groups for Summer 2021 are: Minnows, Dolphins and Sharks.  We are unable to have Mini Fins in the Summer of 2021.  Instead, we encourage aspiring Blue Fins to become take private swim lessons to develop their skills and confidence in the water.   




Our Minnow Group (typically corresponds to ages 6 to 8/9), is expected to be able to swim across the pool unassisted, float on the back for thirty seconds and tread water for thirty seconds.  The coaching staff will assist your child in becoming legal in as many strokes as possible.  Once that has been achieved, our Minnows work on mastering their strokes.  Parents will be amazed at how much their swimmers improve their strokes and build up their endurance between from the start of the season until the end of July.  The goal of our coaching staff is to make the sport of swimming fun for the Minnows. 



Dolphins (Rising 7th Graders and Under)


The Dolphin Group takes skills learned from the Minnow Group and adds in a finer technical approach, as well as trying to build the swimmers’ aerobic capacities.  It is expected that the swimmer can perform all four strokes legally to practice in this group.  The group is typically comprised of swimmers ranging from ages 9 to 12.  These swimmers are now able to routinely complete longer distances during practice and are starting to build endurance for events that are 50 and 100 meters or yards.  Starts, turns, relays, and other important aspects start to gain more attention at this level to help the swimmers in all facets of the sport.  Coaches provide stroke advice to increase ease and speed of movement for the swimmers.  The group focus is shifting from legality of the strokes, to efficiency of them.



Sharks (Rising 8th Graders And Over)


The Shark Group is made up of our oldest and most experienced swimmers, kids who are rising 8th graders and over up through the age of 18.  This group has a more endurance-focused practice compared to the other groups with respect to all four strokes and IM.  These swimmers are given the smallest technical details to work on, as they now can understand some of the keys to stroke, turn, and start techniques.  A slightly more competitive atmosphere is introduced to the Sharks to have them compete against one another more often and hopefully bring out the best in one another.  At this point, the swimmers have put in a lot of the work in learning the strokes and keys to success.  Now it is up to the swimmers themselves to take what the coaches give them and focus on using that knowledge to refine their swimming, build their strength and endurance, and repeat that process throughout the Summer.