Barrington Pool Location

Barrington Pool Location:

The Barrington Pool is located at 9376 Braymore Circle in Fairfax Station, Virginia.  Our Blue Fins' Tank is a 25 yard pool.  We have a small deck area, so be prepared to squeeze in and get to know the person sitting or standing next to you!  

For our visiting teams: 

We do suggest that you leave a sports chair in your car trunk in case an overflow of people need to sit outside the pool deck in the parking area.  If this happens, we ask that you please take turns and make room for the swimmers' families who are competing in the current event in the pool.

When you enter the Barrington subdivision on Old Barrington Boulevard off of Silverbrook Road, at the first stop sign in the neighborhood at Braymore Circle you will turn LEFT.  Our pool is a few blocks down -- you can't miss it! 

There is a small parking lot next to the pool; at our home meets on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings we reserve all of the spaces in the lot for the visiting team.  We will reserve one space for the visiting team's Head Coach and one space for the visiting team's Team Rep, so if you are on the visiting team, please don't park in those two reserved spots -- your Head Coach and Team Rep will thank you! 

When the Barrington Pool parking lot fills up (and it does quickly because we are a small team), you can park on the street.  Please be mindful of our Barrington neighbors and do not block driveways or park in front of mailboxes.