Barrington Officials

Barrington Officials:


The people on the pool deck who wear white shirts and dark shorts and are adorned with a badge are crucial -- they are our Officials!  The Colonial Swim League (CSL) meet officials include: Starter, Referee, and Stroke & Turn Judge.  Swim meets cannot happen if there is an insufficient number of officials at a meet.  We are in need of more parents to serve in an "official" capacity.  As officials with swimmers age out of the team or team members relocate, we must re-supply our ranks. 

These officials are certified by the CSL after attending league-provided training, passing an exam, and then spending three meets shadowing a certified official at the level of certification they are seeking. 

The CSL Officials Information page contains some handy FAQs and certification requirements. You will need to print off a CSL certification form and every time you shadow get page one signed by the meet referee.  This form is located on the link listed above in the folder "Year Officials Test".  You will submit this completed form and your test to the CSL person listed on page one of the form.  Steve Van Beek and Brian Jones are happy to answer any questions you might have about this process.   We can use the time trials for shadow training as well as regular meets.  Certification is good for two years and then you must attend the training and take the test again. 

If you are already certified for Stroke and Turn, we encourage you to continue your training for Starter and for Referee.  These are incredibly important positions and we want to have people in training so we will ensure we have coverage in these posts in the future.

All CSL meet Official training will be conducted remotely in 2021.   To participate, you must first register before the session using the links below.   You will receive an email after registering with a link to the training site of the session you signed up for.  Each session will include Stroke and Turn, Starter, and Referee training.  You must attend the virtual training to receive credit for taking the class.  PVS officials can receive credit for attending the Stroke and Turn portion of the training.

The Barrington parents who are certified (or currently shadowing to get certified) through the CSL appear in the chart below.  The CSL has extended officials for one more year for certification- if you are in 2018 your certification is valid through the end of the 2021 regular season.  If you are listed in 2019 your certification is valid through the end of the 2022 regular season.  Just add one year to the list below for validity. Thank you for all of your help!  

Name Certified For Certification Year
Brian Jones Referee certified in 2019
Steve Van Beek Referee certified in 2021
Amy Biehl Starter certified in 2018
Scott Castleman Starter certified in 2018
Ryan Bortner Stroke & Turn certified in 2021
Chris Brown Stroke & Turn certified in 2019
Dana Carnaggio  Stroke & Turn certified in 2019
John Clark Stroke & Turn certified in 2018
Joel Hill Stroke & Turn  certified in 2019
Kasey Hill Stroke & Turn certified in 2021
Gopal Sharma Stroke & Turn certified in 2019
Ron Smetek Stroke & Turn certified in 2019
Bill Waldron Stroke & Turn certified in 2019