Barrington Team Reps

Barrington Team Reps:

What does it mean to be the Team Reps for the Blue Fins?  We attend year-round meetings of the Colonial Swim League, hire coaches, liaise with the other Team Reps and the referee at the meets, work with the Treasurer to set a budget, manage the team website, convene meetings of the neighborhood swim team committee and we create a lot of paper (hopefully a lot less now that we have a website!)  Occasionally, we dabble our toes in the pool.  

The most rewarding thing we do is stand on the pool deck and observe our Blue Fins improve their swimming skills.  It never ceases to amaze us how quickly children jump in the water, develop confidence, learn the nuances of their strokes, fine-tune their technique, and then drop time at the meets. This is true for Blue Fins in all of the Age Groups.  Additionally, we find it is so meaningful when we see teenagers serve as role models and mentors to their younger team-mates.  Our Blue Fins' team is more than just about swimming, it is also about building friendships, forging stronger neighborhood ties, and having fun!

Come on over and say hello if you see us at the Barrington Pool, or if we are walking around the neighborhood with our big fluffy dog who barks in glee at anything that looks remotely interesting.  If you are a new family to the team, don't be shy -- we'd love to get to know you and your family.  We used to be "new" too, and worried if our six year old twins could swim across the Barrington Pool when we first signed them up for the team.  They made it, and the rest is history.   

We look forward to seeing you on the pool deck!  FYI: our email is [email protected]

Steve and Beth Van Beek