Inclement Weather:

Always head to the pool for a practice and a meet, even if it is bleary outside.  Blue Fins will swim, even if it is raining, unless lightning and thunder occur.  The lifeguards at the pool will determine when the pool needs to be closed and reopened. 

Meet Delays and Cancelations

A meet can be postponed by mutual consent of the Team Reps.  Summer storms (those involving thunder and lightning) tend to be  very localized.  The weather might be bad in the Fairfax Station area, but may not be raining at all at the away meet pool.  Therefore, we generally go to the meet pool before making a decision.  We do swim if it is only raining, but if thunder is heard, county regulations require that the pool area must be cleared immediately, and the meet delayed.  The meet can be resumed after no thunder has been heard (or lightning seen) for a set amount of time determined by the guards.  Unfortunately, Wednesday "B" meets can be subject to delays due to evening thunderstorms.  A canceled meet, due to weather, may be rescheduled by agreement of the Team Reps.