Team Philosophy/Goals

Team Philosophy and Goals:

The philosophy of the Barrington Blue Fins Swim Team is to provide a positive swimming program that will:

  • Develop self esteem, confidence, and a sense of personal achievement for each Blue Fin by teaching sound swimming mechanics and techniques;
  • Develop discipline, responsibility and commitment for each Blue Fin;
  • Teach our Blue Fins how to accept both victory and defeat gracefully;
  • Provide an environment of healthy competition in which each Blue Fin can succeed by improving his/her time and skill level;
  • Provide an enjoyable social experience for Blue Fins and their families.

Being a member of a swim team involves commitment.  Your swimmer is expected to participate in practices and meets.  Our summer league is structured with an emphasis on the team as a whole.  Any team is only as good as the people on it and their commitment to the team.  Every swimmer has a role to play on the team - some with great spirit and some with first place swims.  Every swimmer contributes to the success of the team.