Volunteer Information

The participation of our swimmers' parents is essential to the success of the Broadlands Swim Team. Parents are expected to volunteer 4 different swim meets during the season (exact details are identified at the parents meeting and depends on the number of families registered), doing such duties as timing, clerk of course, timekeeper, meet set-up and clean-up, concessions, or meet official. Sign ups for meet volunteer positions are done on-line.
In addition to swim meet duties, each family is expected to participate on one of the Piranhas committees. Each committee is responsible for planning and executing one of the many activities or programs the team offers to the swimmers. Sign-ups for committees are also done on-line .

Below are the directions on how to sign up for your volunteer obligations.  As stated in the parent meeting, if you do not fulfill all volunteer and committee obligations by the end of the season, you will not be allowed to register next season as a returning family.
If you have questions concerning volunteering, please contact [email protected] or our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

  • Go to‘events’ which is located on the bottom of the main/home webpage screen.
  • Click on either the CSL Team Committees or Meet that you would like to volunteer. (committees are listed first, followed by the swim meets)
  • Click on ‘job sign up’.
  • Click on ‘event job sign up’ tab.
  • Follow the directions. Please note certain jobs require training and are for officials only.
Note: some positions require training and certification. Anyone interested can attend a training sessions in June and then completing adequate shadowing sessions - please contact or Team Rep at [email protected]
  • Referee (OFFICIALS ONLY): The senior official who is responsible for the overall conduct of the meet and for all other officials at the meet.  
  • Starter (OFFICIALS ONLY): The next most senior official who is responsible for starting each race.
  • Stroke and Turn Judge (OFFICIALS ONLY): This official ensures that the swimmers use the proper stroke technique and that all starts, turns and finishes are legal. He or she is also responsible for writing DQ slips.
  • Head Scorer (HYTEK Official Position): Computer operator who inputs meet entries prior to meet, generates card times for all swimmers at the meet, and prints meet score, meet results and ribbon labels for league ribbons.
  • Assistant Head Scorer (HYTEK Official Position): Computer operator who inputs meet entries prior to meet, generates card times for all swimmers at the meet, and prints meet score, meet results and ribbon labels for league ribbons.
  • Time Recorder: Writes official time on time cards, staples DQ cards to timecards and organizes time cards by events.
  • Chief Timer (EXPERIENCE REQUIRED): Responsible for distribution and collection of stopwatches at each meet. Reviews responsibilities with Timers and assigns Timers to each lane. Maintains back-up times in case one of the timers has a problem with a stopwatch.
  • Assistant Chief Timer: Keeps back-up times in case one of the timers has a problem with a stopwatch.     
  • Timer: There are three timers per lane. A timer is responsible for timing and recording the times of each swimmer racing in the Timer’s assigned lane.
  • Runner: Collects time cards from timers and DQ cards from the Referee and then delivers them to the Timekeeper’s table.
  • Awards Clerk: Picks up ribbons and labels at end of meet from the scorer's table. At home, adds labels to ribbons and brings to practice for distribution to swimmers.
  • Clerk of Course: Checks in swimmers upon arrival at the meets. Places swimmers in their proper heat and lane assignments just prior to their races.
  • Floater: Fills unexpected openings in other positions; Volunteer Coordinator notifies Floaters of any changes.

  • Apparel:  This committee is responsible for taking orders for new spirit wear and distributing it to families at practices. Also sells apparel, swim caps and goggles at the Parent Meeting, Friday practices and for a short period of time before each meet.
  • Community Service: This committee is responsible for the identification and implementation of a team wide community service activity.
  • Food & Drink Supplies:  Orders, picks up, prepares and/or delivers food or miscellaneous supplies for our concession stand at home meets and/or social events.
  • Hy-Tek:  Committee members input meet entries into the computer, record swimmers times during the meets and finalize team scores and swimmers' records.  They also print time and event labels for the ribbons.
  • Social Events:  Assists in the planning, coordinating and implementation of social events sponsored by the swim team. This year’s social calendar will include Doughnut Friday, and End of the Season Party (Note: ODSL organizes Ice Cream Social and the Kids Triathalon).
  • Spirit:  Performs various activities to promote team spirit. Types of spirit activities include deck painting, car decorating, music at the meets, prizes for heat winners and coordinating of the Piranha Pals Program.
  • Swimmer Recognition:  Maintains record board at the Community Center Pool. Provides special recognition to Team Record Breakers. Coordinates Swimmer of the Week award in conjunction with coaches. Coordinates with the coaches to plan awards program for end of the season party.
  • Officials:  Committee members are the deck officials for the meets - referees, starters and stroke and turn judges.  Officials must maintain certification for these various volunteer positions by attending appropriate classes, taking the required tests and completing adequate shadowing sessions. IF INTERESTED in more details, contact our Team Rep at [email protected]