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Swim Meet Jobs That Are Good for New FMST Families

Ribbons: Attach labels on ribbons for swimmer participation and placing in events. Work can be done during the meet, or at home after the meet. Is a good position for those with small children who need some attending to during the meet. (On the job training provided) [download job FAQ]

Card Prep: The day before a swim meet, work with the Computer Operations team to attach labels to swim cards for all swim events for the upcoming meet. Can be done at home.  Is a good position for those with small children who need some attending to during the meet. (No training needed) [download job FAQ]

Assistant Clerk of Course: Take the swimmers from the waiting area before an event to their deck position. Give time cards to the Timer in each lane (Minor on-the-job training needed). Set Up: Set up the pool and deck before each meet according to specification provided by the team (No training needed) [download job FAQs]

Clean-up: Put the pool deck back in order after each meet (No training needed)

Water server: Purchase a case of water bottles and bring them to the meet in a cooler with ice. Hand bottles of cold water to timers and officials on deck periodically throughout the meet.  Receipts for water may be emailed to the FMST treasurer. (No training needed)

Timer: Collect the time card from the swimmer prior to a race and ensure the accuracy of information on the card. Time and record the time for each swimmer in the designated lane (On the job training provided)

Card Runner: Collect cards from the timers at the end of each heat and DQ slips from Referee and hand-off to Time Recorder at Scorer's Table (Minor on-the-job training needed) [download job FAQs]

Scorer's Table Card Sorter: Receive cards for Card Runner and sort by event, time, and team. Match DQ slips with cards. After time is entered into system by Time Entry team, place cards into team's filing bin. (Minor on-the-job training needed) [download job FAQs]

Spirit Sales: Man a booth at swim meets to sell team swag (caps, shirts, sweats, etc...). Sales items are provided by the Spirit Sales coordinator. (No training needed)


Swim Meet Jobs That Are Good for Veteran FMST families and/or Families With Older Children

Head Timer: A position ideal for a veteran timer. Head timer calls for and gives Timer's meeting approx 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet (notify announcer to gather timers at specified location). During the meet, Head Timer ensures all timers' watches are cleared before each race, signals starter timers are ready, and assists timers if their watches fail to start once a race has begun. (experience as Timer required)

Announcer: Announce all swim events and any relevant meet announcements to ensure that the meet runs according to schedule. Setup and take down audio equipment. (On the job training provided)

Clerk of Course: Organize the swimmers in the waiting area before their event. Seat swimmers in the order in which they will swim their event by lane and heat. Check that time cards are filled out completely and correctly. (On the job training provided, Assistant Clerk of Course experience preferred) [download job FAQs]

Scorer's Table Time Entry: Record swimmers’ times into Hytek computer system during the meet and complete all entries by the conclusion of the meet . Not a good job for families who need to watch their young swimmers at the meet! (On the job training provided)

Referee: A position that requires certification by the Colonial League. To be eligible to be a referee, an individual must be recommended by the Team representative. In addition, the candidate must be certified as a stroke and turn judge as well as a starter and have knowledge of all deck official positions and meet administrative responsibilities. (League training required)

Starter: A position that requires certification by the Colonial League. To be eligible for the position of the starter an individual must have worked one season as a Stroke and Turn judge. The Starter is responsible for the correct start of each event during a meet. (League training required)

Stroke and Turn Judge: A position that requires certification by the Colonial League. The responsibilities include: watching each lane during each event to determine if the stroke and turns are being completed correctly and completing DQ cards for swimmers that have been disqualified from a particular event. (League training required)

Volunteer Check-In: A position for an experienced FMST parent. This position will be only be available at certain swim meets (such as Divisionals, if hosted by Ft Myer). The responsibilities include: checking volunteers in, providing their name tag, ensuring any no show slots are taken care of and directing any new volunteers to their volunteer locations.


Committees & Other Jobs

Computer Operations Lead: Enter and upkeep all team statistics to include: swimmers, meet event, heats, lanes, and race times. Print out time cards for all league meets. Print and distribute ribbon labels. (On the job training is provided)

Team Representative: Act as the team liaison to all Colonial Swim League meetings. Contact the team representative for the opposing swim team prior to each meet to coordinate meet logistics. Work with the FMST Board to setup B-Meets with other local swim teams. Attend all swim meets to manage rules issues that may arise during the meet. (On the job training provided)

Banquid Committee: Organize end of the season party including: coordination with the Officers' Club and caterer; team gifts and awards, decorations, setup and clean-up. (No training needed)

FMST Socials Committee: Plan and arrange team social activities including pancake breakfast, family swim meet, team picnic, and rafting trip. (No training needed)

Ribbons: Maintain ribbon supplies. Coordinate ribbon preparation and distribution. (Minor on-the-job training needed)

Spirit Sales Coordinator: Collect orders from parents, purchase items, and sell FMST swag at swim meets. (Minor on-the-job training needed)

Volunteer Coordinator: Work with the Board to define all the jobs required for swim meets, social events, and the Banquid. Perform outreach to FMST families to identify volunteers. Track volunteer hours per family. (On the job training provided)