General Information

In order to remain in compliance with our agreement with Fort Myer, FMST limits the number of swimmers to approximately 165, and only 10% of families will be allowed to join the team who are not members of Fort Myer Patton Hall. The number of swimmers will be limited per age group. 

Please click here to view team eligibility rules that outline who can join the team, and membership priority. Active Duty families who are new to the team will be exempt from these rules, provided that there is availability in the specific age group. We ask that Active Duty families who are new to the team please contact a member of the FMST Board.

The team processes registrations online using the Team Unify registration platform. The registration process will require that you create an account online with Team Unify (if you don't have one from last year) which will give you access to a swim portal - where you'll be able to sign-up your swimmers for B-meets, sign-up for volunteer jobs for each swim meet, and track your swimmers' results.

Registration costs*** for the 2018 season have been set as follows:
Families with 1 swimmer: $225
Families with 2 swimmers: $400
Families with 3 or more swimmers: $550

Additional Fees

  • Families who are not eligible to join Fort Myer Patton Hall will be assessed an additional fee of $125 per family. 
  • Families choosing to opt out of volunteering activities will pay a penalty of $100 per family

***Please note that a small fee will be assessed for credit card transaction processing.


Registration For 2018 Summer Season

Registration for the Summer 2018 summer season will open in April as follows:

  • April 9:  Registration opens for returning Patton Hall-eligible families
  • April 16:  Registration opens for returning Patton Hall-ineligible families
  • April 23:  Registration opens for new Patton Hall-eligible families
  • April 30:   Registration opens for new Patton Hall-ineligible families

The registration link for the 2018 season is

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Sherman (Squids Computer Lead) at