Family Requirements

Swim teams are organizations that require a large number of individuals to be present and participating in volunteer positions before a meet can even begin. Each meet requires 50 parent volunteers. Many others work in the background to raise funds, provide for social events and coordinate all other team activities. To ensure that volunteer jobs are divided EQUITABLY among ALL families participating in the swim team program, the Dolphins Executive Board will track volunteers’ commitments.

All members are required to perform volunteer functions as a condition of the membership of their swimmer on the team. At a minimum all families should volunteer for at least one position for every meet their child swims.  It also is mandatory that every family volunteer for Relay Carnival. Each family not complying with this requirement may be prevented from participating in future seasons of the Sugarland Run Dolphins. Occasionally families may be asked for additional volunteer work for special events; however, we will attempt to create a flexible scheduling system so that all parents can perform their duties in a manner that will coordinate with their personal schedules. Job descriptions of all volunteer positions are included here and at the end of our Team Handbook.

Pre-approved out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the swim team will be reimbursed by the Treasurer upon receipt of a completed expense form/reimbursement request (available on the team website), accompanied with receipts.