How to Sign up for Volunteer Jobs

FIRST, log in to your account on our web site.  Then go to SWIMMING & EVENTS (or see the list of events on the site’s home page), and Click on “Job Signup” beside each event.  If every family provides a volunteer to at least 6 swim meets and the mandatory Relay Carnival, we'll be in good shape.

Make sure to arrive at the event on time based upon your job assignment.  Make sure that your children know that you are working the meet.  While you're working, your children should remain in the Team Area under the supervision of the Team Area Volunteer or other parents.  Though there’s nothing wrong with your children approaching you occasionally during the meet to ask questions (or to ask for concessions moneysmiley).

Of course, breaks and water will be provided to you while you’re volunteering!  Please just ask the Volunteer Coordinator or a Board Member if you need a break or have to attend to your children for a few minutes.