Meet Info

First, for each and every swim meet on the schedule, it is imperative that you "Commit" to each meet (i.e. declare your swimmers' availability to swim).  Our coaches need lots of time to create the meet sheet (the list of swimmers and which strokes they will be swimming), and the job is made harder if you don't commit by the deadline.  See below for instructions for committing.


What is the difference between Wednesday night meets and Saturday morning meets?
We compete in five dual (“A”) meets, each Saturday beginning the Saturday after Time Trials, each meet beginning at 8:00 am and ending at approximately 11:00 am. Three boys and three girls from each age group (8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18) will be entered to swim each stroke. The coaching staff is responsible for choosing the swimmers, based on the fastest time and attendance. We welcome and encourage all team members, even those not scheduled to swim, to attend and cheer the team on.

All swimmers will swim on Wednesday (“B”) meets which begin at 6:00 pm. Ending times vary upon how large of a team we are competing against. Since everyone swims there may be several heats of each event. These meets do not contribute points towards our standing, but serve to establish times for the swimmers so that the coaches can place swimmers in the “A” meets.

How will I know if my swimmer has been selected for a Saturday meet?
Coach Maggie will let your swimmer know, at the latest, Friday before the meet. (It takes a lot of time to figure out the logistics of each meet.)

So should I only bring my swimmer to a Saturday meet if he or she is selected to swim?
No! Please come anyway. The Coach often needs to make last-minute changes to the lineup of swimmers in case swimmers get sick or don't show up for other reasons. Bring your swimmer prepared to swim (with suit, goggles, etc.). Swimmers who don't get a chance to swim can cheer on their teammates.

How soon before a meet should my swimmer arrive?
The location of the meet determines the time the swimmers arrive at the pool. Saturday morning home meets the swimmers need to be at the pool at 6:45 am.

Where should my swimmer report when we arrive at a meet?
Tell your swimmer to see Maggie as soon as they arrive.

Who do I contact if my swimmer can't attend a meet?
As soon as possible, find the meet in the Events listing and click on "Attend this meet;" then click on your swimmer's name and choose "No. . . .will not attend."   For multiple practices that you know you'll miss (due to vacations, etc.), write a note in Maggie's spiral notebook or just tell Maggie. If on Saturday morning, you find your swimmer is unable to swim, call Team Manager Jen Heffern at 703-980-1133.

How will my swimmer know when it is time to line up for his or her next event?
During meets, the swimmers will stay with the team. Have them limit trips to the snack bar, etc. The coaches will call out the upcoming events. If the swimmers have any questions about their next event, they should contact one of the coaches.

Commit your swimmers for swim meets!

We need to know if your swimmers are available for each meet -- even if you CANNOT attend, we need to know.  As soon as the events are posted you may commit each swimmer ("yes" or "no") for each event.

FIRST, log in to your account on our web site.  Then go to EVENTS, and Click on “Edit Commitment” for each event, then click on your swimmer(s)'s name(s).  Select "Yes, please. . ." or "No, thanks. . ." and click "Save Changes."  If your plans change, you may change your selection up to the commitment deadline.

You may commit for meets as far into the future as you like. 

YOU MUST COMMIT YOUR SWIMMER FOR A MEET BY The DEADLINE*  Without that commitment, Coach Maggie may leave your swimmer off the meet sheet (i.e. the list of swimmers competing in each event). 

FYI: Committing your swimmer for an “A” (Saturday) meet does not guarantee that he or she will swim; it simply declares availability.  Coach Maggie will post the meet sheets for “A” meets typically on Fridays.  Everyone swims at “B” (Wednesday) meets, but Coach needs to know who will be in and out.

*For Saturday meets, the deadline is midnight Wednesday; for Wednesday meets, the deadline is midnight on Monday.

Send an email to Coach Maggie and/or the Team Manager if you have trouble committing your swimmer.