Saratoga Stingrays Swim Team was formed in 1975.  The first team was organized, coached and refereed by Mr. and Mrs. Presser.  They had no children of their own but had a love for competitive swimming.  That first summer, Saratoga did not belong to a league but swam pick-up meets with neighboring pools.


The following year, Saratoga joined the Colonial Swim League (CSL), the league to which we belong today.  CSL was formed in 1960 and allows teams to join, such as Saratoga, that do not own their pool. CSL is divided into four divisions:  Red, White, Blue and Gold.  This year Saratoga is in the Gold Division. In the past, Saratoga has won the White, Blue and Gold divisions.  In addition to team wins, we have won many “age group” trophies.


Over the years, many Saratoga families have worked to make the team what it is today and others have volunteered many hours to help support the youth of SARATOGA in a great summer sport.