Spirit Events

Team Spirit Events


Saturday Breakfast

After each Saturday meet, the team meets at a restaurant to enjoy lunch together. The

restaurant we are going to is announced during the meet, but when it is a home meet,

the restaurant will be our sponsor, Saratoga Pizzeria.


This will occur in July, typically the week we swim against Glen Cove, at the Splashdown water park in Manassas.  The exact date is TBD.

4th of July, Wacky Relay practice - Our practice will include fun relays and drills, followed by a breakfast at the pool.

Team Pictures

Team pictures will be taken at a morning practice during the season. A group photo is

taken, followed by individual photos, if desired. All swimmers must wear the team color

suits and/or the team t-shirt. Date is TBD.

Other Pep rallies

Throughout the season we will host other pep rallies on Thursday evenings. Activities at

each are TBD.

Awards Picnic

The Saratoga Stingray Swim Team holds a potluck, end-of-season picnic on the day of

the divisional meet. The rain date is the following day (Sunday). There is food, fun, and

trophies for all swimmers.

In the off-season, the team occasionally assembles for informal fun activities. Laser tag,

bowling, and fundraising for Toys-for-Tots have been done in the past. Stay tuned for

more information on these.