Welcome Visiting Swim Team!

Our Meets are run with HY-TEK Meet Manager; we request that each team provide our Computer Coordinator with a complete list of their team’s entries 48 hours prior to the scheduled meet.

(No later than 5 pm on Sunday for Wednesday evening meets, and 5 pm on Wednesdays for Saturday morning meets).

**We will not accept changes to a team’s swim meet entries less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meet**


Head Coach:      Alisa Airoldi                              510.260.4281


Swim Meet Information:

Saturday Swim Meets: 8:30am-12:00pm

Doors Open @ 7:15am

  • CST Warm-Ups:

7:30am - 7:55am

  • Visiting Team Warm-Ups

                        8:00am - 8:20am

Wednesday Swim Meets: 5:30pm-9:00pm

Doors Open @ 4:15pm

  • CST Warm-Ups:


  • Visiting Team Warm-Ups


Order of Events & # of Heats: (subject to change)

  1. Medley Relay            1 Heat
  2. IM                                1 Heat
  3. Freestyle                    4 Heats
  4. Breaststroke              2 Heats
  5. Butterfly                     3 Heats
  6. Backstroke                 2 Heats
  7. Free Relay                 1 Heat

Lane Assignments:


CST is assigned even lanes


Visiting Team is assigned odd lanes


 Visiting Meet Director should check in a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of the meet

Meets will be pre-seeded, fastest swimmers placed in the first heat.

The number of heats will be reduced by combining heats whenever possible.

Swimmers are limited to 3 individual events plus relays.


Note regarding Relay events for 8 and under swimmers:

There will be no diving from the shallow end of the pool (3 ½ foot depth) & the

 2nd and 4th swimmers in Relay events will use “in-water starts.”


Scoring Information:


o Individual Scoring

  • 1st = 5 pts
  • 2nd = 3 pts
  • 3rd = 1 pt


      o Relays                            

  • 1st = 6 pts
  • 2nd = 3 pts
  • No Sweeps


Ribbon Information:

Will be awarded for 1st through 6th place ONLY.

Participation ribbons for 8 & under swimmers will be given for each stroke swam where a place ribbon was not earned.


Visiting Team Work Requirements:

2 - Stroke & Turn Judges 

9 - Timers with watches (2 in even # lanes/ 1 in odd # lanes)

3 - Recorders (in odd # lanes)

2 - Ribbon labelers

Shepherds for your own team.

*All timers & recorders are required to mute cell phones/tablets during the meet*


Team Camp Areas:  

CROCKETT - Grass area on right side of pool

VISITORS -    Top cement step behind the starting block and left side of the pool

Baby pool is off limits during meet

Snack Bar:

We will be offering a variety of breakfast (for morning meets), lunch and/or dinner items, snack items, and hot & cold beverages.

Directions to Crockett Pool:

FROM HIGHWAY 4:  Exit Cummings Skyway toward Vallejo. Right on Crockett Blvd.  Right on Pomona St., the pool is on the left.

FROM HIGHWAY 80:  Exit 27, Pomona St. Left on Pomona St. Follow road to stop sign, Rolph Ave.  the pool is on the left, corner of Rolph and Pomona.

PARKING:  Parking is street parking, along Rolph Ave. & Pomona St., please be courteous and do not block driveways.

See you all poolside!