Parent Participation

Creating a Successful League for our young swimmers

begins with participation of our parent volunteers.

Swim Meets require a large number of parents to help operate. With these positions filled with parent volunteers, the better and more effective our coaches can be for our young swimmers. Having Coaches operate swim meets leave them without the time to watch the races of all their swimmers and unable to communicate with their athletes during a meet. This is an important part of swimmer development, and a routine that they need to learn to be more successful at the Club level.

Jobs at Meets:

Timer - Every lane needs a timer to push a button and/or get a stop watch time. In a race the touch pads can get the time, but if the touch pad doesn't work (swimmer doesn't press hard enough or there is a misfire on the touchpad itself), then we have the buttons as backups. If the buttons don't work, then the final backup is the stop watch time. Without these backups, if something goes wrong with our technology, then the swimmer is without a time.

Head Timer - This person starts two watches for every race. If a Time missed a start, they raise their hand, and the Head Timer brings them a watch that they can use for that race in the water. Again, back-ups to make sure our swimmers get a time.

Announcer - Over the PA, there are announcements that need to be made throughout the swim meet. The announcer will also say the event that is in the water, and say the swimmers in the water if there is time to announce them all. An announcer helps the flow of the meet, and can also make a meet feel like a competition that can get kids excited about.

Runners - Runners will deliver and pick-up timing sheets which timers are writing down stop watch times on. Runners will also be posting Heat/Lane Assignments and Results as the computer sorts through all the results.

Staging - Staging area is where the swimmers go prior to their race. These people help make sure the kids are staged in the correct lane and heat. This is normally done in a team, as there will be a lead, and then numerous people walking a heat to their lanes. This makes the meet run faster and less responsibility on the swimmer. Normal USA Swimming Meets we hope that swimmers can do this on their own. Staging starts to setup how to show up behind your block in advance and wait for your appropriate heat.

Starters and Officials - We will likely have coaches do these positions. If you are interested in knowing more about the sport of swimming and the rules, becoming an official is the best way to learn about this sport.

Meet Marshal's: We will likely have coaches do this as well. Marshall's make sure that those in the warm-up and warm-down areas are not fooling around and abiding by the rules of the area. Marshall's also help enforce rules that everyone needs to be following on the deck near the pool. This job can be done while observing and communicating to athletes regularly, so a fairly good position,  but also a spot that a coach can do.

Computer Timing System (CTS) - This job is intimidating because you have to learn how to use a computer system, but the CTS Operator job requires knowing a sequence of buttons to be pushed. The setup is normally done by the computer operator, so the CTS operator just needs to know the sequence and the timing. It doesn't take long to learn, and then it gets fairly easy after some practice.